7 Best Clash Th11 Attack Strategies for Success

Top Th11 Attack Strategies

To succeed at TH11 attacks, utilize Queen Walk + Mass Miners for effective funneling. Coordinate Electro Dragons + Balloons with precise spell timing for best results. Combine P.E.K.K.A + Bowlers for a dominating force, focusing on spell timing. Implement LavaLoon + Clone Spell by targeting key defenses strategically. Utilize the synergistic Hog Riders + Miners dual ground force for versatile attacks. Explore Yeti Smash and GoWiWiPe for additional strategic options. Each approach offers unique advantages and challenges, leading to victory in Clash of Clans battles.

Key Points

  • Synergize Queen Walk with Mass Miners for effective funneling.
  • Coordinate Electro Dragons and Balloons for optimal spell timing.
  • Combine P.E.K.K.A with Bowlers for powerful splash damage.
  • Strategically time Clone Spell with LavaLoon attacks for success.
  • Utilize Hog Riders and Miners for versatile base dismantling.

Queen Walk + Mass Miners

For a powerful TH11 attack strategy, consider incorporating the Queen Walk with Mass Miners to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. The synergy between Queen walk efficiency and Mass Miners is vital for success. Initiate the Queen Walk on one side of the base to create a funnel for the Mass Miners. The Queen's ability to take out key defenses and create a path for the miners is essential. Guarantee troop synergy by coordinating the Queen's path with the direction of the Mass Miners to avoid any distractions or diversions.

When executing the Mass Miner portion of the attack, focus on proper funneling techniques. Use a few Miners initially to start the funnel and then deploy the rest in a compact group. This method ensures that the Miners stay on course and target the core of the base effectively. Additionally, timing your spells is critical. Save your heal spells for when the Miners encounter heavy splash damage areas, such as Inferno Towers or Wizard Towers. Use rage spells to boost their speed and damage output when pushing through the base. Mastering the coordination between Queen Walk and Mass Miners, along with precise spell timing, will lead to a devastating attack strategy at TH11.

Electro Dragons + Balloons

To accomplish a formidable TH11 attack strategy employing Electro Dragons and Balloons, careful planning and precise deployment are vital for success. The key to mastering this combination lies in spell placement and timing.

Start by establishing a funnel using a couple of Electro Dragons to clear the path for the main group. Once the funneling techniques are in place, release the remaining Electro Dragons and Balloons strategically. The synergy between the two troops is essential; the Electro Dragons can clear out perimeter buildings and weaken defenses, allowing the Balloons to move in and target high-value objectives like Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery.

Timing is critical when deploying spells like Rage or Freeze to support your troops. A well-timed Rage spell can greatly boost the speed and damage output of your Electro Dragons and Balloons, while a Freeze spell can pause enemy defenses at a crucial moment. Mastering the coordination of troop deployment and spell usage will enhance the effectiveness of this potent TH11 attack strategy.

P.E.K.K.A + Bowlers

Establishing a dominant presence on the battlefield, combining P.E.K.K.A with Bowlers creates a formidable force that can wreak havoc on enemy defenses at TH11. When executing this strategy, it's pivotal to employ effective defensive strategies and funneling techniques.

Start by deploying your P.E.K.K.A to tank damage and create a path for your Bowlers. Use your Bowlers behind the P.E.K.K.A to deal massive splash damage to surrounding structures. Proper funneling guarantees that your troops stay on course and penetrate deep into the base.

For spell placement, consider using Rage spells to boost the attack speed and power of your P.E.K.K.A and Bowlers as they push through enemy lines. Additionally, Heal spells can help sustain your troops through heavy enemy fire, increasing their longevity on the battlefield. Timing considerations are essential when planning your spell deployment. Wait for the right moment to maximize their impact, such as when your troops encounter high-value defenses or when they're in danger of being overwhelmed.

Mastering the coordination of spells with troop movements can turn the tide in your favor during TH11 attacks.

LavaLoon + Clone Spell

How can the combination of LavaLoon and Clone Spell elevate your TH11 attack strategies to new heights of devastation and efficiency? When executing this strategy, understanding Clone Spell tactics and base layout is vital. Begin by identifying key defensive structures like Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery that could disrupt your LavaLoon push. Proper Clone Spell placement can multiply your LavaLoon force, overwhelming the defenses.

The synergy between LavaLoon and Clone Spell lies in their ability to create a massive aerial assault. Timing strategies are essential; deploy your Clone Spell when your LavaLoons are about to reach high-value targets, such as the enemy Queen or Clan Castle troops. This coordination maximizes the impact of the cloned troops, creating chaos in the enemy base.

Additionally, consider the base layout when planning your attack. Look for centralized air defenses or potential Clone Spell targets. By exploiting weaknesses in the enemy's defense layout, you can optimize the effectiveness of your LavaLoon and Clone Spell combination, securing a successful raid.

Hog Riders + Miners

Expanding on the potency of combined attacks, the integration of Hog Riders and Miners can revolutionize your TH11 assault strategies by deploying a dual ground force capable of dismantling enemy defenses with precision and power. This hybrid attack strategy leverages the strengths of both troops, creating a formidable duo that can overwhelm even the most fortified bases. Here's why this strategy is so effective:

  • Queen Charge: Initiate your assault by sending in your Queen to take out key enemy defenses, creating a path for your main ground force to advance without hindrance.
  • Synergy: The synergy between the Hog Riders and Miners is unparalleled, with the Hogs targeting defenses while the Miners focus on resource buildings, ensuring a balanced and efficient attack.
  • Versatility: This strategy offers versatility in dealing with various base layouts and defending troops, making it a vital choice for diverse attack scenarios.

Mastering the coordination between your Queen charge and the deployment of your Hog Riders and Miners is essential for achieving success with this potent TH11 attack strategy.

Yeti Smash

When implementing the Yeti Smash strategy in Clash of Clans, understanding the key elements is vital for success.

To thrive in this attack method, concentrating on precise deployment and timing is essential.

Moreover, choosing the right base to target can greatly influence the outcome of your Yeti Smash attack.

Yeti Smash Strategy Elements

In executing the Yeti Smash strategy, a vital element is the precise deployment of Yetis and supporting troops to maximize their destructive capabilities. When mastering this technique, consider the following:

  • Yeti funneling techniques: Properly guiding your Yetis guarantees they stay on track and don't veer off course, optimizing their damage potential.
  • Yeti spell combinations: Pairing spells effectively with your Yetis can enhance their longevity and impact on the battlefield, increasing the chances of a successful raid.
  • Yeti pathing strategies: Understanding how Yetis move through a base is essential in planning your attack, allowing you to guide them towards key objectives efficiently.

Yeti Smash Deployment Tips

To optimize your Yeti Smash deployment, focus on precise troop placement and strategic spell usage to effectively dismantle enemy bases.

Utilize Yeti Smash funneling techniques to direct your troops towards the core of the base. Guarantee you lure out and eliminate the defensive Clan Castle troops to prevent them from disrupting your attack.

Proper spell placement is vital; use jump spells to navigate through compartments and rage spells to boost your troops' damage output. Timing your hero abilities is key; activate the Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability to protect your troops during heavy defensive fire.

Coordinate the Barbarian King and Archer Queen abilities to support your main attack force. Mastering these deployment tips will enhance your success with the Yeti Smash strategy.

Yeti Smash Base Selection

For ultimate success in executing the Yeti Smash strategy, choosing the right base to attack is an essential step that requires careful consideration of various factors. When selecting a base, focus on:

  • Base scouting: Thoroughly analyze the enemy base to identify weak points and potential entry areas for your troops.
  • Defensive layout analysis: Evaluate the placement of defenses, traps, and heroes to formulate a plan that minimizes damage to your troops.
  • Troop pathing considerations: Plan the path your Yetis and supporting troops will take through the base to make sure they stay on target and avoid unnecessary distractions.


When planning your GoWiWiPe attack strategy, troop composition and deployment strategy are vital elements to take into account.

Thoughtfully choosing the right mix of Golems, Witches, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.A.s can make or break your assault.

Understanding how to effectively deploy these troops to create a strong funnel and push through the base will be essential to achieving a successful outcome.

Troop Composition

Utilize a strategic blend of Golems, Witches, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.As in your GoWiWiPe troop composition for maximum effectiveness in your TH11 attacks.

To create a powerful army composition, consider the following:

  • Golems: These tanky units serve as the frontline defense, absorbing damage and protecting your more fragile troops.
  • Witches: With their ability to summon skeletons, witches provide a constant stream of reinforcements during the attack, distracting defenses and dealing damage.
  • Wizards: Wizards offer high damage output, clearing out enemy troops and structures efficiently when positioned correctly.

Deployment Strategy

In orchestrating a successful GoWiWiPe attack at TH11, the key lies in strategic deployment of your troops to maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield. Effective funneling techniques are essential to make sure that your main force moves through the base efficiently.

Start by deploying a couple of golems followed by wizards to create a clear path for your heroes and P.E.K.K.As. Timing attacks with precision is critical, especially when it comes to releasing your Wall Wreckers to penetrate the base's core.

Proper spell placement can make or break your assault, so consider using jump spells to access key areas and rage spells to boost your troops' power. Additionally, be mindful of luring out the defensive clan castle troops to neutralize any potential threats early on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Effectively Use Siege Machines in My Th11 Attack Strategies?

To effectively use siege machines in your TH11 attacks, focus on siege machine tactics for funneling. Incorporate a Queen charge to support a hybrid strategy. Coordinate their deployment strategically to maximize their impact on the enemy's defenses for success.

Are There Any Specific Base Layouts That Are More Vulnerable to Queen Walk + Mass Miners Attacks?

When evaluating base layouts vulnerable to Queen Walk + mass Miners attacks, concentrate on common base weaknesses like dispersed defenses. Popular defensive strategies may involve centralizing Clan Castle troops; counter with efficient funneling and timely spell deployment.

What Is the Best Way to Deal With Clan Castle Troops During an Electro Dragons + Balloons Attack?

When facing clan castle troops during an electro dragons + balloons attack, focus on lure tactics to draw them out. Use precision with your balloons and strategically place rage spells to swiftly eliminate the clan castle troops before they disrupt your attack.

How Can I Ensure That My P.E.K.K.A + Bowlers Attack Is Successful Against Multi-Target Inferno Towers?

When confronting multi-target inferno towers, make sure P.E.K.K.A leads the charge to absorb damage. Strategically position bowlers behind to bring down structures and divert tower focus. Coordinate their pathing to reduce exposure. Master this duo for triumph.

Are There Any Alternative Spells That Can Be Used in Conjunction With a Lavaloon + Clone Spell Strategy for Added Effectiveness?

To maximize spell synergy with a lavaloon + clone spell strategy, consider incorporating double poison for effective control. Additionally, supplement your attack with hog riders paired with the clone spell for added versatility and pressure on the base.

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