Our Clan

Welcome Fellow Clashers To Clashin’WSmitty (Clan #2P2JYJPC8)

We are a brand new clan, created on 9/13/2019.

For years, I was wanting to create my own clan, but I did not want to start over.

After being in a few great clans…

  • Rise of Fallen #202GLLOL2
  • Bearforce One #28LPQ200
  • Boise, Idaho #22GGCJYP
  • Deaths Envy #PL8JCRLR

I decided it was time to just make my own and start over. With 8 accounts of my own and girlfriend’s, we really weren’t starting from scratch exactly. It just sucks not having all the perks of a level 10+ clan anymore.

If you’d like to join, stop on over, stay as long as you’d like we’d love to have you. We don’t really have any rules per say. Just a few… guidelines.

(Some basic common courtesy is all.)

  • #1 – Just be nice to all.
  • We are very laid back and not really strict about anything (Unless you’re not being nice).
  • Don’t beg for anything.
  • Elder can be earned if you stick around, donate and participate.
  • Co-Leader is earned by sticking around, donating, and being loyal.
  • We are a US-based clan and we all speak English, we welcome anyone and any language / country, but we probably won’t be able to understand you unless you can speak a little English. But you are welcome to stay if you’d like.
  • If you want to leave and come back, feel free. You will not get booted or anything if you want to leave and come back.

If you would like to add me as a friend on CoC please only add my main ‘Smitty’ account. I will just reject any requests that come to the other ‘Smitty’ or ‘H2’ accounts. Nothing against you at all, I am just not accepting any on those others.

Clashin With Smitty New Clan 00, Clashin With Smitty

Join Our ‘Clashin’ With Smitty’ Group on BAND

The ‘BAND’ Group will mainly be used for live chats / notices. Similar to texting. For example: If you are in war and forget to attack, I can send you a message on BAND and let you know war is about to end, or something like that. If you have notifications on, you’ll get a message similar to texting. It’s similar(ish) to a Facebook feed where you can post things, have a profile and pictures, ect. Just a way to get to know others in the clan.

Q: Why don’t you just have a Facebook Group/Fan Page?
A: I don’t like Facebook.

Join us on BAND – https://band.us/n/a4a51dW4p3K4G

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