What Is The Creator Code In Clash Of Clans?

Creator Codes are a new feature added to Clash of Clans by Supercell Games in the October 2019 update. They give players an opportunity to support their favourite content creators on social media.

What Are Creator Codes?

A Creator Code is essentially a very simple code that allows you to support your favourite content creators through Supercell’s official mobile games. The idea behind this is that it encourages people to follow their favourite content creators who create high quality, engaging content for Clash of Clans fans.

For example, let’s say you love watching a particular YouTube channel called “Gaming Chief Avalon”. He produces great videos about Clash of Clans strategy and gameplay tips, but he also likes to take time out from his busy schedule to share some of his favourite Clash of Clans memes or funny clips as well. One day while watching one of his videos, you decide that you really want to support him because you like what he does.

You could easily go onto Google Chrome or Safari and search for his name (Gaming Chief Avalon) then click on the link to his Youtube channel. Once there, scroll down until you see his logo at the bottom right hand corner where it says “Follow”. Clicking on that button will automatically add Gaming Chief Avalon to your list of followers on Youtube.

If you’re not familiar with how Youtube works, you may find yourself asking why you have to click on Follow instead of subscribe. This is because subscribing to someone means you’ll receive notifications whenever they upload new content, whereas following them simply means you’ll be notified when any new video is published on their channel.

Now we’ve got our favourite content creator added to our list of followers, we can move on to another person whom we admire online. Let’s say we wanted to support another content creator called “Supercell Games”. We would do exactly the same thing again, except this time we’d look up the Supercell creator code rather than the Gaming Chief Avalon creator code.

The reason for this is because each content creator has its own unique creator code, meaning you can only use that specific creator’s code once every seven days. If you try entering a different creator code before the expiry date, you won’t get credited for the donation even though you did make the payment.

How Do I Support A Creator?

To start using the creator code system, you first need to obtain your chosen creator’s code. You can do this in two ways.

  • Find your favorite content creator on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and copy their username into the box below.
  • Visit the Supercell website and navigate to the Creator section where you should see a list of all the current Supercell creators. Select the creator you want to support from the dropdown menu and copy their corresponding creator code.

Once you have copied both the content creator’s username and creator code, return to Clash of Clans and open the Menu. Then select the “Creator” tab followed by the “Support Creator Boost” option.

You will now be presented with several options including donating gems, gold and elixir. However, clicking on these options will result in nothing happening since you don’t currently have enough gems to donate. Instead, you need to enter the creator code to unlock the relevant donation option.

Enter the creator code into the textbox provided and press the red button labelled “Checkout”. The amount displayed underneath the Donation button will increase slightly depending on whether you chose to donate gems, gold or elixir. Once you have made your selection, hit the green “Pay Now” button and wait for the transaction to complete.

That’s it! From now on, whenever you reach level 5 or higher in Clash of Clans, you will earn extra rewards such as gems, gold and elixir based on how much you donated towards that content creator.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Creator Code?

The length of time it takes to receive your creator code depends entirely on your internet connection speed. Most users report receiving their creator code within minutes of making their donation, however others reported waiting anywhere between 30 seconds and five hours.

In general, the quicker you make your donation, the faster you will receive your creator code. The creator code system was designed to reward early supporters of content creators, so those who act quickly will often receive their creator code sooner than later.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Enough Gems To Support That Creator?

If you run out of gems whilst trying to enter your creator code, you’ll notice that the Donation button disappears completely. This isn’t necessarily bad news, although it might leave you wondering why you didn’t receive anything for your donation. This is due to the fact that the creator code system doesn’t actually deduct gems from your account immediately – it waits for seven days before doing so.

This gives you plenty of time to purchase more gems and donate again during the next week without worrying that you won’t receive credit for your original donation.

How Many Times Can I Enter My Creator Code?

As mentioned previously, you can only enter your creator code once every seven days. So if you miss the window and try entering your creator code too soon, you won’t receive credit for your previous donations.

However, you can still access the creator code system multiple times throughout the course of the week. Simply keep refreshing your browser until the Donation button reappears and you’re ready to enter your creator code.

When Will My Creator Code Expire?

Your creator code will expire after seven days. After that point, you will no longer be able to enter your creator code and you’ll lose the benefits associated with having supported that content creator.

This includes losing the ability to claim extra rewards such as gems, gold and elixir whenever you achieve level 5 or above in Clash of Clans. Also, if you choose to donate gems, gold or elixir to a content creator who has already reached level 10, you will no longer receive any additional rewards.

It’s important to remember that you must enter your creator


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