What Is CWL In Clash Of Clans?

Clan Wars – Is a feature introduced in CoC version 8.7.1. It allows you to play with other clans from around the world against each other.

Clan Wars are essentially matches between two or more teams of players that fight for victory over one another using their resources (buildings, troops etc) on the map. Each match has its own set of rules and objectives which need to be completed by both teams before they win.

Clan Wars have been a popular feature since the very beginning of Clash of Clans. They bring an exciting new dimension to this game as it gives players an opportunity to compete in real time with other clans across the globe.

There are several different types of Clan Wars available such as Clan vs Clan, Clan vs Town, Clan vs Team, Clan vs Clan Team, and Clan vs Town Team.

The following sections will provide you with all the information about Clan Wars including important details related to the same.

Clan Wars Rules

Clan Wars are played according to the specific set of rules defined by the game developer.

In order to participate in a Clan War, your Clan needs to meet certain requirements as per these rules. These include having at least 3 active members and a minimum level requirement of 12.

Clan Wars Rewards

Clan Wars offer a lot of great rewards for winning them. The most common reward offered is gold coins but there are some other rarer ones too like gems, elixir shards, and elixir.

Clan Wars Trophies

Everytime a Clan wins a Clan War, they earn a trophy. These trophies help differentiate winners from losers in terms of bragging rights and honor. There is no limit to the number of trophies you can earn through Clan Wars.

When a Clan War League ends, every player gets a trophy based on his performance during the season. This helps identify the top performing clans in the league who would then go forward to represent their respective region in the next season.

CWL Leagues

Clan Wars are organized into various leagues depending upon how often they occur. The frequency of Clan Wars depends solely on the game developers and varies from time to time.

Each league consists of multiple stages. At the end of each stage, the participating clans move up to the next higher league while those that fail to qualify fall back down to the previous league.

The top performing clans from each league advance to the next league until only a few remain. Then they start competing amongst themselves to decide who becomes the champion of the league.

The following table shows the current status of all the CWLs along with the next planned date for the launch of the same.


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