What Does The Clock Tower Do In Clash Of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer mobile strategy game developed by Supercell.

What Is The Clock Tower?

The Clock Tower (also known as the “Clock Tower Building”) is a unique structure found only within the Builder Base in Clash of Clans. When engaged, the Clock Tower increases the speed of timers in the Builder Base by 10 times for a limited period. The Clock Tower can be upgraded to extend this duration.

“The Clock Tower makes things happen faster in your village!” says the in-game description when you first encounter the Clock Tower. “Collect resources, research and build faster.”

Builder Base is one of the game’s most recent additions, in which players engage in a real-time fight similar to Clash Royale. The Clock Tower is a one-of-kind building in Builder Base that accelerates resource collectors, upgrades, construction, and research.

In order to unlock the Clock Tower at the Builder Hall level, you must have completed all 12 of the previous levels. Once unlocked, you will need to upgrade the Clock Tower manually using the in-app Shop menu — there are no upgrades available from the Builder Hall itself.

How To Use The Clock Tower

First, select the Clock Tower icon on the Builder Hall screen. Next, tap the “Activate” button to begin accelerating timers in the Builder Base. This will cause timers to move more quickly than usual. Timers will also increase in size to make them easier to see.

To deactivate the Clock Tower, simply swipe left or right across its image on the Builder Hall screen until the timer disappears completely.

What Are The Clock Tower’s Strengths And Weaknesses?

As noted above, the primary use for the Clock Tower is to accelerate timers in the Builder Base. However, it does not appear to do anything else. There are no other effects associated with the Clock Tower besides making timers go faster. As such, if you’re looking for something different to add to your Builder Base, then the Clock Tower may not give you what you want.

However, given how useful the Clock Tower is for speeding up timers, it’s hard to imagine any Builder Base without it. If you don’t already own the Clock Tower, consider adding it to your arsenal.

What Are The Clock Tower’s Upgrades?

There are nine total upgrades available for the Clock Tower through the in-app Shop. Each upgrade costs 100 Gems each. Here’s what they cost and their effect:


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