What Are Super Giants In Clash Of Clans?

What Are Super Giants In Clash Of Clans?

Are you a Clash of Clans enthusiast looking to dominate the battlefield? Then you’ve probably heard of the legendary Super Giants. These mighty warriors tower over their counterparts, boasting immense strength and unparalleled destructive power.

But what exactly are Super Giants, and how can they give you the upper hand in the game? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Clash of Clans and explore the awe-inspiring abilities of these colossal troops. From their towering size to their devastating attacks, we’ll uncover the secrets behind their rise to glory.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding the capabilities of Super Giants will undoubtedly enhance your strategy and propel you towards victory. So gear up, gather your troops, and prepare for an epic clash like never before as we unravel the mysteries of Clash of Clans’ Super Giants.

Understanding the Concept of Super Giants

In Clash of Clans, Super Giants are a powerful variation of the Giant troop. These hulking behemoths tower over their counterparts, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Super Giants possess incredible strength and can inflict massive damage to enemy structures.

They are particularly effective against defenses such as cannons, archer towers, and wizard towers. The sheer size of Super Giants makes them excellent at soaking up damage, allowing them to protect other troops as they advance through enemy territory.

Super Giants are unlocked at Town Hall 11 and can be trained in the Dark Barracks. They require Dark Elixir to train, so managing your resources is important. Once you have unlocked Super Giants, you can upgrade them in the Laboratory to increase their hit points, damage per second, and damage per attack.

Upgrading your Super Giants is crucial for ensuring their effectiveness in battles, as higher-level Super Giants can withstand more damage and deal greater destruction.

Characteristics of Super Giants

Super Giants possess several unique characteristics that set them apart from regular Giants. Firstly, their size is significantly larger, making them an intimidating presence on the battlefield. This larger size grants them increased hit points, allowing them to withstand more damage before being defeated.

Additionally, Super Giants deal splash damage with each attack, meaning they can simultaneously damage multiple structures or units. This makes them highly effective against groups of buildings or clustered enemy troops.

Another notable characteristic of Super Giants is their ability to target and destroy walls easily. Unlike regular Giants, Super Giants prioritize attacking walls, making them excellent for breaking through enemy defenses and creating pathways for other troops.

Their powerful punches can quickly demolish walls, allowing your army to penetrate enemy territory. This makes Super Giants an invaluable asset in both offense and defense strategies.

Unlocking and Upgrading Super Giants

To unlock Super Giants in Clash of Clans, you must have a Town Hall level 11. Once you reach this level, you can build the Dark Barracks, where Super Giants are trained. Training Super Giants requires Dark Elixir, so managing your resources wisely is important.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your Dark Barracks to increase the training speed and capacity of Super Giants.

Upgrading your Super Giants in the Laboratory is essential for maximizing their potential. With each upgrade, their hit points, damage per second, and damage per attack increase. Upgrading Super Giants also unlocks new abilities, such as dealing more splash damage or destroying walls more efficiently.

Investing in the upgrades of Super Giants will significantly enhance their combat effectiveness and ensure they remain a formidable force on the battlefield.

Strategies for Using Super Giants in Attacks

Super Giants are incredibly versatile troops and can be used in various attack strategies. One popular strategy is to use Super Giants as a tanking unit, soaking up damage from defenses while other troops, such as Wizards or Bowlers, deal damage from behind.

This strategy is particularly effective against bases with compact defenses and clustered buildings. Deploy your Super Giants first to draw the attention of enemy defenses, then unleash your damage-dealing troops to wreak havoc on the enemy base.

Another effective strategy is to combine Super Giants with other tanking troops, such as Golems or Siege Machines. This combination creates a powerful frontline that can withstand heavy defenses while your damage-dealing troops target key structures.

The Super Giants’ ability to destroy walls quickly allows your troops to breach enemy defenses and reach the core of the base. This strategy is especially useful when facing bases with well-fortified walls and centralized defenses.

Super Giants in Clan Wars

Super Giants can be crucial in Clan Wars, where coordinated attacks are essential for victory. Their ability to soak up damage and destroy walls makes them valuable assets for breaking through enemy defenses and creating pathways for your clanmates.

When planning a Clan War attack, communicate with your clanmates to devise a strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of Super Giants. Coordinate your attacks, deploy your Super Giants strategically, and support them with other troops to ensure a successful raid.

In Clan Wars, it’s important to consider the defensive capabilities of the enemy base. Identify weak points in the defenses and use your Super Giants to exploit them. Deploy your Super Giants near key defenses, such as Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery, to neutralize them quickly.

This will weaken the enemy’s defensive capabilities and pave the way for a successful attack. Additionally, consider using spells, such as Rage or Heal, to enhance the performance of your Super Giants further and supporting troops.

Defensive Strategies Against Super Giants

While Super Giants are formidable on the battlefield, you can employ several defensive strategies to counter their power. One effective strategy is to place traps, such as Giant Bombs or Spring Traps, near key defenses to surprise and eliminate Super Giants.

These traps can significantly damage groups of Super Giants, weakening them or even taking them out entirely. Additionally, high-level defenses, such as Inferno Towers or Giga Tesla, can help contain and eliminate Super Giants before they can cause too much damage.

Another defensive strategy is to create compartmentalized bases with multiple layers of walls. This will force Super Giants to spend more time and effort breaking through walls, giving your defenses more time to target and eliminate them.

Placing powerful defenses within compartments like Hidden Teslas or X-Bows can significantly damage Super Giants and deter their advancement. Additionally, utilizing defensive troops, such as Clan Castle reinforcements or Heroes, can provide extra firepower against Super Giants.

Super Giants in Builder Base

Super Giants are not limited to the Home Village; they can also be used in the Builder Base. In the Builder Base, Super Giants retain their massive size and destructive power, making them a valuable asset for attacking enemy bases. Their ability to soak up damage and destroy walls can help clear a path for your other troops and allow them to reach the Builder Hall more easily.

When using Super Giants in the Builder Base, consider using their ability to deal splash damage to remove groups of buildings or defenses. Deploy your Super Giants strategically to target key defenses and create openings for your other troops. Additionally, consider using the Battle Machine, the hero unit in the Builder Base, to support your Super Giants.

The Battle Machine’s ability to tank damage and deal significant damage can complement the Super Giants’ strengths and lead to a successful attack.

Tips and Tricks for Using Super Giants Effectively

To make the most of Super Giants in Clash of Clans, keep the following tips and tricks in mind:

  1. Upgrade your Super Giants regularly to ensure they remain effective against higher-level defenses.
  2. Use Super Giants strategically to destroy walls and create pathways for your troops.
  3. Combine Super Giants with other tanking troops to create a powerful frontline.
  4. Coordinate attacks with your clanmates in Clan Wars to maximize the effectiveness of Super Giants.
  5. Employ defensive strategies, such as traps and compartmentalized bases, to counter Super Giants.
  6. Utilize Super Giants in the Builder Base to clear a path for your other troops and reach the Builder Hall.

By incorporating these tips into your Clash of Clans gameplay, you’ll be able to harness the full potential of Super Giants and dominate the battlefield like never before.


Super Giants in Clash of Clans are an incredible force to be reckoned with. Their towering size, immense strength, and devastating attacks make them a valuable asset in any player’s arsenal.

Whether you’re using them to break through enemy defenses, create pathways for your troops, or dominate in Clan Wars, Super Giants can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By understanding their unique characteristics, unlocking and upgrading them, and employing effective strategies, you can ensure that Super Giants become a formidable force in your Clash of Clans journey.

So gear up, train your troops, and unleash the power of the Super Giants to achieve victory on the battlefield.

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