What Are Pets In Clash Of Clans?

What Are Pets In Clash Of Clans?

Welcome to the exciting world of Clash of Clans, where strategy and cunning are key to victory! In this popular mobile game, players build and expand their own virtual village, defend it from enemy attacks, and form alliances with fellow players from around the globe. But did you know that you can also have pets in Clash of Clans?

These adorable companions provide more than just companionship – they can be powerful allies in your quest for domination!

Overview of pets in Clash of Clans

Pets in Clash of Clans are special characters that can be unlocked and trained to aid players in battles. They come in various forms, from mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns to more common companions like dogs and cats. Each pet has its unique abilities and characteristics, making them valuable assets in both defense and offense.

Pets can be obtained through different methods, such as completing specific challenges, participating in events, or purchasing them from the in-game store. Once acquired, players can assign pets to their village and train them to become stronger and more powerful.

Types of pets and their abilities

A wide range of pets is available in Clash of Clans, each with its own abilities and skills. Here are some popular pets and what they bring to the table:

  1. Loyal Dog: The loyal dog is a faithful companion who defends the village from enemy attacks. Its ability to sniff out hidden traps and mines makes it an invaluable asset in protecting your resources and defenses.
  2. Fearsome Dragon: Dragons are known for their destructive power, and in Clash of Clans, they are no exception. With their fire-breathing abilities and the ability to fly over walls, dragons can wreak havoc on enemy bases and clear a path for your troops.
  3. Mischievous Unicorn: While unicorns may seem innocent and cute, they have a trick up their sleeve. With their magical horn, unicorns can heal injured troops and boost their morale, making them an excellent support pet for your army.

These are just a few examples of the pets available in Clash of Clans. Each pet brings its own unique abilities and adds a layer of strategy to the game.

How to obtain pets in Clash of Clans

Obtaining pets in Clash of Clans can be done through various methods. Some pets are unlocked through completing specific challenges or achievements, while others can be obtained by participating in special events. Pets can also be purchased from the in-game store using in-game currency.

Players must meet certain requirements to unlock a pet, such as reaching a certain level or completing a specific quest. Once unlocked, the pet will be available for assignment to the player’s village.

Importance of pets in gameplay

Pets play a crucial role in the gameplay of Clash of Clans. They provide both offensive and defensive advantages, making them essential for success in battles. Pets can be deployed alongside troops, using their abilities to support and strengthen the player’s army.

In defense, pets can be stationed in the village to deter enemy attacks. They can attack enemy troops, disable traps, and even provide buffs to nearby defenses. With the right combination of pets and defensive structures, players can create formidable defenses that are difficult to breach.

In offense, pets can be unleashed during attacks to provide additional firepower and support. They can target specific defenses, distract enemy troops, or provide healing and support to the player’s army. Players can turn the tide of battles by strategically deploying pets and securing victory.

Strategies for using pets effectively

Players must employ effective strategies to make the most of pets in Clash of Clans. Here are some tips to maximize the potential of pets in the game:

  1. Synergy with troops: Pets work best when they complement the abilities and strengths of the player’s troops. For example, a healing pet like the unicorn can be paired with a troop composition that relies on high hitpoints, ensuring they stay alive longer in battle.
  2. Target priority: Pets have different targeting priorities, and players should consider this when deploying them. Some pets prioritize defenses, while others focus on enemy troops. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each pet will help players make better tactical decisions.
  3. Upgrade and level up: Pets can be upgraded to increase their abilities and stats. Players should invest resources in upgrading their pets to make them more effective in battle. This includes training them, unlocking new abilities, and improving their performance.

By implementing these strategies, players can harness the full potential of pets and gain a significant advantage in Clash of Clans.

Upgrading and leveling up pets

Players must invest in their training and leveling up to unlock the full potential of pets. Pets can be upgraded using resources like gold and elixir, improving their abilities and making them more powerful.

In addition to upgrading, pets can also level up by gaining experience points through battles and other activities. As pets level up, they unlock new abilities and become even more formidable in battles. Players should prioritize leveling up their pets to ensure they remain competitive in the game.

Pet events and special abilities

Clash of Clans regularly features special events and challenges centered around pets. These events allow players to earn exclusive rewards, unlock new pets, or upgrade their existing ones.

During these events, pets may also showcase special abilities unique to the event. These abilities can turn the tide of battles and give players a significant advantage. Participating in pet events is a great way to enhance the capabilities of your pets and gain an edge over your opponents.

Clash of Clans pet tips and tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to get the most out of your pets in Clash of Clans:

  1. Research and experiment: Take the time to research different pets and their abilities. Experiment with different combinations to find the best ones for your playstyle.
  2. Stay updated: Keep an eye on updates and announcements from the game developers. They may introduce new pets or change existing ones, so staying informed will help you adapt your strategies accordingly.
  3. Balance offense and defense: While pets are powerful assets in battles, it’s important to balance offense and defense. Neglecting either aspect can leave your village vulnerable to attacks.
  4. Join a clan: Joining a clan in Clash of Clans provides numerous benefits, including access to clan perks that can enhance your pets’ abilities. Collaborating with clan members can also provide valuable insights and strategies.


Pets in Clash of Clans add a whole new dimension to the gameplay. They bring charm, personality, and valuable assistance to your village. With their unique abilities and the ability to train and level them up, pets can turn the tide of battles and provide a significant advantage.

Whether it’s defending your village from enemy attacks or supporting your troops in offense, pets play a crucial role in your success in Clash of Clans. So, choose your pets wisely, train them diligently, and embark on an epic journey of dominance in the world of Clash of Clans!

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