Unlock 6th Builder With B.O.B

Unlock 6th Builder With B.O.B

The Builder Base in Clash of Clans offers players a unique gameplay experience where they can build, defend, and attack using a variety of troops and buildings. As players progress through the Builder Hall levels, they unlock new upgrades and features that help them become more competitive.

One of the most coveted upgrades for Builder Hall 9 players is the ability to unlock a 6th builder, known as B.O.B. Unlocking the B.O.B upgrade can be daunting for novice players, as it requires a significant investment of resources and time.

To make the process easier, players can use the B.O.B Upgrade Tracker, a tool designed to help players keep track of the requirements and progress needed to unlock this valuable addition to their Builder Base.

By using the B.O.B Upgrade Tracker, players can plan their upgrades, manage their resources, and optimize their gameplay, ultimately leading to a more successful gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore the basics of the B.O.B upgrade, prioritize the necessary upgrades, and introduce the B.O.B Upgrade Tracker as a useful tool for players looking to unlock their 6th builder.

Key Takeaways

  • The Builder Base in Clash of Clans offers unique gameplay with building, defending, and attacking.
  • The B.O.B upgrade is available for Builder Hall 9 players and assists them in upgrading their base faster.
  • Prioritizing upgrades such as gold mines, elixir collectors, and army camps can increase attacking army size and troop potential.
  • Maximizing resources with Clock Tower boost, Star Bonus, and runes, as well as strategic upgrades, can give players a significant advantage in attacking and defending. The B.O.B Upgrade Tracker tool can help optimize upgrade strategy and streamline the process of unlocking the 6th builder quickly and efficiently.

B.O.B Basics

B.O.B is an invention by the Master Builder at Builder Hall 9 that can be upgraded with Home Village gold by fulfilling specific requirements. These requirements are shown in the B.O.B Control and include upgrading troops to level 18, defense to level 9, and Hero Machines to a total level of 45.

Once these requirements are met, B.O.B can travel to the Home Village as an additional builder, allowing players to have up to 6 builders.

One of the main features of B.O.B is its ability to assist players in upgrading their base faster by providing an additional builder. This can be especially helpful for players who are looking to progress quickly in the game.

However, the upgrade requirements for B.O.B can be quite challenging and may take some time to fulfill. Players should prioritize upgrading their Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, storages, Army Camps, Star Laboratory, and Battle Machine. They should use the Clock Tower boost, Star Bonus for resources, and runes for upgraded storages.

Additionally, players may consider purchasing resources with Raid Medals from the Trader or buying the Gold Pass for builder boost.

Upgrade Priorities

Prioritizing upgrades for gold mines, elixir collectors, storages, army camps, star laboratory, troops, and battle machine can enhance resource management and strengthen attacks in the Builder Base.

Upgrading gold mines, elixir collectors, and storages should be prioritized as they are essential for accumulating resources. Army camps are important for increasing the size of the attacking army and should be upgraded next.

Upgrading the Star Laboratory to max level is crucial for unlocking the full potential of troops. Troops used for attacking, such as the Cannon Cart, should be upgraded to their highest level for maximum effectiveness.

The Battle Machine should also be upgraded to boost its health and damage output.

To maximize resources, players can also consider using the Clock Tower boost, completing the Star Bonus for extra resources, pushing to higher trophy levels for increased rewards, and using runes to upgrade storages.

Strategic troop upgrades can also make a big difference in battles. Upgrading the Battle Machine and key attacking troops can give players a significant advantage in attacking and defending.

Overall, strategically prioritizing upgrades can help players efficiently manage resources and dominate the Builder Base.

B.O.B Upgrade Tracker

The Builder Base upgrade process can be streamlined using an automated checklist that tracks the requirements for unlocking the 6th builder. The B.O.B Upgrade Tracker is a tool that allows players to easily keep track of their progress toward unlocking the additional builder.

It automatically updates as players upgrade their troops, defenses, and Hero Machines, making it easy to see what needs to be done to reach the necessary upgrade levels.

One of the main benefits of using the B.O.B Upgrade Tracker is that it helps players optimize their upgrade strategy. By having a clear view of what upgrades are needed, players can prioritize their resources toward those upgrades to help them reach their goal of unlocking the 6th builder.

Additionally, the tracker can help players avoid wasting resources on unnecessary upgrades that won’t count toward unlocking B.O.B.

Overall, the B.O.B Upgrade Tracker is a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their Builder Base upgrades and unlock the 6th builder as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete all the requirements for upgrading B.O.B to unlock the 6th Builder?

Efficient tracking progress and time management are crucial to completing the requirements for upgrading B.O.B and unlocking the 6th builder. The duration of completion varies based on individual gameplay and resource management strategies.

Can B.O.B be used in both Home Village and Builder Base?

B.O.B can be used in both Home Village and Builder Base as an additional builder, but its function differs in each village. In Home Village, B.O.B can help with construction, while in Builder Base, B.O.B acts as an upgrade tracker.

The advantage of having B.O.B in Home Village is the ability to speed up construction, while the advantage of B.O.B in Builder Base is automatically tracking upgrade requirements. The disadvantage of using B.O.B in Home Village is that it requires gold for upgrades, while the disadvantage in Builder Base is that it does not contribute to troop deployment during attacks.

Are there any special benefits or perks of unlocking the 6th Builder?

Unlocking the 6th builder provides advantages such as faster base upgrades, increased defensive capabilities, and the ability to defend against multiple attacks simultaneously. It is considered a necessity for advanced players and significantly boosts gameplay effectiveness.

Can B.O.B be upgraded further beyond unlocking the 6th Builder?

Further upgrades to B.O.B are not available beyond unlocking the 6th builder. However, unlocking the additional builder provides benefits such as increased efficiency in base development and faster completion of upgrades.

Is it possible to unlock the 6th Builder without upgrading all the requirements listed in the B.O.B Control?

While no alternative methods exist to unlock the 6th builder without meeting the B.O.B upgrade requirements, players may weigh the advantages and disadvantages of prioritizing upgrades and using resources such as Clock Tower boosts, Gold Pass, and Raid Medals.

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