Unleash Your Builder Skills: Clash Of Clans Builder Base

Unleash Your Builder Skills: Clash Of Clans Builder Base

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. Its complex gameplay mechanics and diverse troop options have become a staple of the mobile gaming landscape.

In May 2017, the game introduced its second village, the Builder Base, which added new resources, troops, and gameplay mechanics for players to explore. The Builder Base offers a fresh challenge for players looking to expand their Clash of Clans experience.

With its unique mechanics, players can earn trophies through head-to-head battles and upgrade their troops in the Star Laboratory, while a Master Builder upgrades buildings and the Clock Tower boosts troop training and research time. The ability to toggle Archer towers and magic items like the Book of Builder gives players even more control over their base, allowing them to customize it to their liking.

This article will delve deeper into the mechanics of the Builder Base and provide tips on optimizing your gameplay to become a master builder.

Key Takeaways

  • The Builder Base was introduced in May 2017 as a second village using existing and new mechanics.
  • Resources such as gold, elixir, and gems are used for building and upgrading structures and troops, with gems being collected from the gem mine as a passive source.
  • Trophies are gained through winning battles in the Builder Base, separate from home village trophies.
  • The Master Builder upgrades buildings, with build times keeping them busy until completion, and the Clock Tower boosts troop training, Master Builder tasks, and resource collectors to 8x speed.

Overview and Mechanics

As if building and managing one village wasn’t enough, Clash of Clans introduced the Builder Base in 2017, a second village complete with its own resources, troops, and battles.

The Builder Base uses gold and elixir for building and upgrading structures and troops, with gems as a valuable currency that can be collected and shared between villages. The gem mine provides a passive source of gems, while trophies are gained through winning battles and are separate from the home village trophy system.

The Builder Base also has its own unique troop system, with troops similar to those in the home village but with special abilities unlocked as they are upgraded in the Star Laboratory. There are no troop training costs, and troops are trained in groups with all camps needing to complete training before the next attack.

The Battle Machine hero has a special ability that can be used multiple times in battle, and the Master Builder upgrades buildings with build times keeping them busy until completion. The clock tower boosts troop training, Master Builder tasks, Battle Machine regeneration, Star Laboratory research time, and resource collectors to 8x speed, making it a valuable asset for any player looking to unleash their builder skills in Clash of Clans.

Troops and Battles

Troops in the Builder Base follow a similar training system as those in the home village, but with upgraded abilities that can be unlocked through the Star Laboratory. These abilities range from increased damage output to special attack patterns that can disrupt enemy defenses. Upgrading troops also increases their health and damage, making them more effective in battle.

Troops can be trained in groups, with all camps finishing training before the next attack can be launched. There are no training costs or times, allowing for an immediate response to enemy attacks. Winning battles is essential to gaining trophies and resources, which can be used to upgrade structures and troops.

Successful tactics in the Builder Base require a combination of troop composition and strategic deployment. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each troop and their abilities is crucial in developing an effective strategy. Players must also pay attention to enemy defenses and adjust their tactics accordingly.

Archer towers can be toggled between conventional attacks and a faster rate of fire, adding an extra layer of complexity to battles. Overall, the Builder Base offers a unique and challenging experience for Clash of Clans players, requiring a mastery of troop upgrades and battle tactics to succeed.

Master Builder and Features

The Master Builder is a key feature of the Builder Base, responsible for upgrading buildings and keeping busy with build times until completion. Unlike the home village, there is only one builder called the Master Builder, who does not have a shield and does not lose resources when attacked.

To maximize the use of the Master Builder, players should consider the following upgrade strategies:

  1. Prioritize upgrading resource collectors and storages to increase the amount of gold and elixir available for building and troop upgrades.
  2. Upgrade defensive structures such as the Crusher and Multi Mortar to protect against enemy attacks.
  3. Upgrade the Clock Tower to boost troop training, Master Builder tasks, Battle Machine regeneration, Star Laboratory research time, and resource collectors to 8x speed.

Gem usage in the Builder Base is different from the home village. Gems can be collected and used on both villages, but players should consider maximizing the use of the Gem Mine to gain a passive source of gems.

Additionally, players should prioritize using gems on the Builder Base for the following reasons:

  1. Upgrading the Gem Mine to increase the amount of gems collected per day.
  2. Using gems to complete upgrades on the Master Builder’s tasks instantly keeps them busy and maximizes efficiency.
  3. Using gems to purchase Magic Items such as the Book of Building to complete upgrades on buildings or troops instantly.

Overall, the Master Builder and gem usage are important aspects of the Builder Base that players should consider when developing their strategies. Players can efficiently build and upgrade their structures and troops to become a formidable force in the Builder Base by prioritizing certain upgrades and maximizing the use of gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you attack other players’ Builder Bases while defending your own?

In the Builder Base, players can attack other players’ bases while defending themselves. Strategies such as strategically placing and upgrading defensive structures can be employed to defend their base successfully. Effective attacking strategies involve studying the opponent’s base layout and choosing the appropriate troops with special abilities to defeat their defenses.

Is there a limit to how many troops can be trained at once in the Builder Base?

Sun Tzu once said, “In war, the way is to avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak.”Max troop capacity in Builder Base is 240, with efficient training strategies including using the clock tower boost and upgrading the star laboratory first.

How do you unlock new troops in the Star Laboratory?

New troops can be unlocked in the Star Laboratory by upgrading troop levels. To maximize efficiency, players should prioritize upgrading troops with special abilities that align with their battle strategies.

Can you transfer resources between your home village and Builder Base?

Resource management is crucial in both home village and builder base. Unfortunately, resources cannot be transferred between the two. Effective base layout, utilizing tips and tricks, can aid in collecting and managing resources efficiently in both villages.

Are there any unique defensive structures in the Builder Base not found in the home village?

Builder Base defensive strategies involve unique obstacles not found in the home village. These structures include the Crusher, which deals high damage to ground units, and the Multi Mortar, which attacks multiple targets simultaneously. The Roaster also inflicts high damage to ground troops, while the Giant Cannon targets the Battle Machine and deals massive damage.

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