New Season Challenges: Complete Tasks, Earn Rewards

New Season Challenges: Complete Tasks, Earn Rewards

Season Challenges are a new feature in Clash of Clans that offer players a chance to earn rewards by completing various tasks. These challenges are available for Town Hall 7 and above players and can be completed daily and monthly. The challenge points earned can unlock various rewards, including resources, magic items, boosts, and hero skins.

The Season Challenges are divided into two reward tiers: Silver and Gold. The Silver Tier rewards are free, while the Gold Tier rewards require a Gold Pass that costs $4.99.

The Season Bank also fills up over the season, and all the loot is transferred into the main storages. This article will explore how the Season Challenges work, the types of challenges available, and the rewards and benefits players can expect from participating.

Key Takeaways

  • Season Challenges are similar to Clan Games and available for Town Hall 7 and above.
  • Completing daily and monthly challenges accumulates Challenge Points and rewards players with resources, magic items, boosts, and hero skins.
  • The Season Bank fills up over the season until the end, transferring all loot into main storages.
  • Gold Tier rewards require a Gold Pass, which costs $4.99, and include access to Season Boosts, Hero Skins, and other rewards.

How Season Challenges Work

The mechanics of Season Challenges, including completing individual challenges to accumulate Challenge Points, the automatic tracking of progress, and the availability of daily and monthly challenges, were previously established.

Daily challenges refresh daily and are designed to be completed within 24 hours. Players can track their daily challenge progression and claim rewards once all objectives are met.

On the other hand, monthly challenges unlock every week and are available throughout the entire season. These challenges are more difficult and offer greater rewards but require more time and effort.

Players must have a Town Hall level 7 or higher to participate in Season Challenges. The Challenge Points accumulated by completing challenges can be used to progress through the reward tiers, which include resources, magic items, boosts, and hero skins.

The Silver Tier of rewards is free to all players, while the Gold Tier requires a Gold Pass subscription. At the end of the season, all Challenge Points and rewards reset, and the Season Bank transfers all accumulated loot into the player’s main storages.

Types of Challenges

Two categories of challenges are available in Season Challenges, with one type available daily and the other unlocking each week, providing players with various opportunities to accumulate Challenge Points and earn rewards throughout the season.

Daily challenges are reset every day and are generally easier to complete, while monthly challenges are more difficult and require a longer period to complete.

Players can prioritize daily challenges for quick and easy Challenge Points or focus on completing monthly challenges for larger rewards.

The difficulty levels of challenges vary, with some requiring players to reach a certain trophy count or complete a certain number of battles, while others may require players to upgrade certain buildings or train specific troops.

Regardless of the challenge, progress is automatically tracked and players can easily keep track of their achievements through the ‘Season Challenges’ tab in the game.

Season Rewards and Benefits

Players have access to various rewards and benefits by completing Season Challenges. One of the most significant rewards is the Season Bank, which starts with the same Silver and Gold Tiers capacity. The Season Bank fills up with resources throughout the season, which are then transferred into the player’s main storages.

In addition to the Season Bank, completing challenges also unlocks resources, magic items, boosts, and hero skins. These rewards can be used to upgrade the player’s base, research new troops and spells, and customize their heroes.

Players who purchase the Gold Pass also receive additional perks and rewards. The Gold Pass unlocks the Gold Tier, which offers extra rewards compared to the Silver Tier. Gold Pass perks include access to Season Boosts, such as Builder Boost, Research Boost, Training Boost, and 1 Gem Donations.

The final Gold Tier reward is a unique hero skin, which is permanent and can be accessed through the hero selection menu. Overall, completing Season Challenges and purchasing the Gold Pass offer players a range of rewards and benefits that can enhance their gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do players have to complete Season Challenges?

Time management and strategy planning are crucial for players to complete all the challenges within a season. A season lasts one month, and players must accumulate challenge points before the season ends.

Can players complete challenges for multiple accounts on the same device?

Players can complete challenges for multiple accounts on the same device, which raises concerns about fairness and cheating. To maintain integrity, it is recommended for each player to use their device to complete their set of challenges.

What happens if a player does not complete all of their challenges before the end of the season?

If a player fails to complete all of their Season Challenges before the end of the season, there are consequences. Any uncompleted challenges will not be extended into the next season, resulting in lost rewards.

Are there any penalties for not purchasing the Gold Pass?

Players not purchasing the gold pass will not receive the exclusive rewards available in the Gold Tier. However, alternative reward options are still free in the Silver Tier. The benefits of purchasing the gold pass include additional rewards and access to Season Boosts.

Can players earn Hero Skins through completing Daily Challenges?

According to Clash of Clans official website, Hero Skin Rewards can be earned through monthly challenges, but not through daily challenges. The difficulty of daily challenges varies and can range from easy to difficult tasks.

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