How To Win Wars In Clash Of Clans

Clan Wars are an important part of the game Clash of Clans. They can help you grow stronger as a player and increase your income.

The Basics

You start with two troops at Level 1 (one soldier and a builder). Each time you upgrade your troops, they gain experience points which give them more health and mana. You also need to build a Town Hall to collect resources and train more soldiers.

As soon as your Village reaches a certain point, you will automatically enter into a random Clan War every day. You can only participate in these battles if you have enough Clan Coins stored in your account. There is no limit on how many times you play in a single Clan War per week.

Builders vs Defenders

There are three different types of troop units in Clash of Clans: Builders, Archers, and Knights. Builders do not fight directly but instead construct buildings. These include Troops Towers, Barracks, Spell Haunts, etc. Archers shoot arrows while Knights use swords to hack away at enemy troops. Both Archer and Knight troops require Elixir to replenish their energy levels.

When playing against opponents who deploy Attacker troops, you should choose Builder troops since Attackers don’t really care about building anything. Instead, they focus on destroying buildings. On the contrary, when facing Defender troops, you should try to destroy their buildings before they destroy yours. This strategy works well especially during the early stages of the battle.

How Do I Get More Stars?

Each Clan War consists of five rounds of combat between both teams. At the end of each round, all surviving armies receive rewards based on the number of stars they earned. For example, winning a Clan War gives you 100 stars plus some extra bonus stars depending on how many players were involved in the battle.

Here are the basic rules for earning stars in Clan Wars:

  • Destroy the town hall
  • Destroy half of the opponent’s base
  • Capture 50% of the opponent’s village

For capturing villages, you must defeat all the defenders located inside the village walls. However, there is a catch here. Villages usually contain multiple buildings and towers which act like mini-town halls. So if any of those buildings survive after you capture the village, you will lose stars even though you captured the entire village.

If you manage to achieve all three goals within 30 minutes, you will get double the normal amount of stars. Also, once you reach 1000 stars, a Clan Star will appear next to your name. That means you have officially become a Clan Master!

Now let’s talk about making it big and getting rich. Here are some tips on how to maximize your earnings:

  2. Don’t forget to repair your troops during the battle
  4. Use your Town Hall wisely
  6. Upgrade your troops regularly
  8. Keep your troops alive
  10. Always take down the enemy Town Hall first
  12. Make sure to protect your castle whenever possible
  14. Attack the weakest areas of the opponent’s village
  16. Use the right weapons for the right situations
  18. Use spells wisely
  20. Don’t underestimate the importance of strategy
  22. Fight smart rather than just having a huge army
  24. Don’t make any mistakes during the battle
  26. Know when to run
  28. Be flexible

Making It Big And Getting Rich

Let’s assume you want to create a super strong army consisting of 10 ,000 troops and a Castle costing 500 Gems. Then you would need to spend approximately $3,500 worth of gems ($3500 * 0.01) to buy this army. Assuming you won 20 Clan Wars over the course of a year, your total earnings would come out to around $7,000. But keep in mind that you spent almost $10,000 in gems alone to purchase the army – meaning you lost money overall!

So what’s the secret behind becoming a successful Clan Leader? Well, the answer lies in understanding the concept of “value”. In short, value refers to how much something is actually worth compared to its price tag. For example, a cheap watch may look pretty cool but it doesn’t necessarily mean it has high value. On the other hand, a Rolex watch looks nice too but it comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, despite looking similar, the value of both watches is completely different.

The same principle applies to troops in Clash of Clans. Some troops are cheaper than others but most of them aren’t very valuable either. So unless you know how to identify the good ones, you might end up spending a lot of coins without gaining much benefit.

Here are some examples of troops that are relatively cheap yet quite powerful:

  • Builders
  • Archers
  • Knights
  • Siege Engines

On the other hand, here are some examples of troops that cost a lot but offer little value:

  • Troops Towers
  • Spell Haunts
  • Magic Spells
  • Troop Teleporters

So now that we know the difference between low-value and high-value troops, here are some simple guidelines for choosing the right troops in the right situation:

1. Try to avoid using low-value troops such as Troop Towers and Spell Haunts until later in the battle. Their impact is minimal at the beginning so you shouldn’t waste precious resources on them.

2. Use high-value troops such as Siege Engines and Magic Spells immediately after the first wave of attackers arrives. These troops are extremely useful for protecting your Castle and attacking enemy troops.

3. Upgrade your troops regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.


Clan Wars are fun and addictive, but they certainly aren’t easy to master. If you want to learn advanced strategies and improve your skills as a player, you should definitely join a league or a clan. You will find plenty of helpful information on Quora and forums dedicated to Clash of Clans. Good luck!


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