How To Use Hog Riders In Clash of Clans

How To Use Hog Riders In Clash of Clans

Are you ready to unleash the power of the mighty Hog Riders in Clash of Clans? These fearless warriors on their hogs are here to revolutionize your attacks and bring devastation to your enemies’ bases.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to dominate the battlefield with this powerful troop. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of using Hog Riders effectively in Clash of Clans. We’ve got you covered, from understanding their unique abilities to mastering their deployment strategies.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to optimize your attacks or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, this guide will provide you with the essential knowledge and tactics to make the most of these hog-riding warriors. So saddle up, sharpen your axes, and get ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield with the unstoppable force of the Hog Riders!

Hog Riders’ strengths and weaknesses

Hog Riders are a versatile and powerful troop in Clash of Clans, but like any other unit, they have their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses is crucial to effectively utilizing Hog Riders in your attacks.

  • Strengths:
  • High hit points: Hog Riders have substantial hit points, allowing them to withstand considerable damage before going down.
  • Fast movement speed: Hog Riders move quickly, making them ideal for quickly reaching and destroying defenses.
  • Ability to jump over walls: Hog Riders can jump over walls, bypassing obstacles other troops would have to destroy.
  • Weaknesses:
  • Vulnerability to traps: Hog Riders are susceptible to traps such as Giant Bombs and Spring Traps, which can quickly eliminate large groups of them if not properly addressed.
  • Lack of ranged attack: Hog Riders rely solely on their melee attack, making them vulnerable to defenses that can attack from a distance.
  • Vulnerability to certain defenses: Inferno Towers and Giant Cannons can significantly damage Hog Riders, so it’s important to plan your attacks accordingly.

Understanding these strengths and weaknesses will help you formulate effective strategies when using Hog Riders in your attacks. Now, let’s move on to unlocking and upgrading Hog Riders.

Unlocking and upgrading Hog Riders

To unlock Hog Riders, you must have a level 2 Dark Barracks. Once you upgrade the Dark Barracks, you can train Hog Riders using Dark Elixir. As you progress through the game, you can further upgrade your Hog Riders to increase their effectiveness.

Upgrading your Hog Riders should be a priority, as it enhances their hit points, damage, and overall performance. Investing in the Laboratory and Dark Elixir Storage will allow you to upgrade your Hog Riders to higher levels. Aim to reach at least level 5 Hog Riders, significantly boosting their power.

Upgrading Hog Riders will take time and resources, so planning your upgrades is essential. Consider prioritizing upgrades that will have the most significant impact on your attacks. Now that you’ve unlocked and upgraded your Hog Riders, let’s discuss base design considerations for Hog Rider attacks.

Base design considerations for Hog Rider attacks

When planning a Hog Rider attack, it’s crucial to assess the base design and identify potential weaknesses that can be exploited. Here are some key considerations for base design when using Hog Riders:

  1. Defensive structures placement: Look for bases where defenses are spread out or have gaps between them. This will allow your Hog Riders to move freely without being overwhelmed by concentrated fire.
  2. Trap placement: Be wary of potential trap locations, such as areas where Spring Traps and Giant Bombs are likely to be placed. Try to lure out and trigger these traps before sending in your Hog Riders.
  3. Walls: Take note of the layout of walls and identify potential jump points for your Hog Riders. Look for areas where they can bypass defensive structures and access high-value targets.
  4. Clan Castle troops: Be prepared for Clan Castle troops, as they can pose a significant threat to your Hog Riders. Lure them out and eliminate them before deploying your main attack force.

By analyzing these factors, you can identify the best approach for your Hog Rider attack. Remember, each base is unique, so adapt your strategy accordingly. Now, let’s dive into different Hog Rider attack strategies.

Hog Rider attack strategies

You can employ several effective strategies when using Hog Riders in your attacks. Let’s explore some popular ones:

  1. Surgical deployment: This strategy involves deploying Hog Riders in small groups, targeting specific defenses and areas of the base. By surgically taking out key defenses, you can weaken the base and pave the way for a successful attack.
  2. Kill Squad: The Kill Squad strategy involves sending in a group of troops, such as Valkyries or Bowlers, to eliminate high-value targets and clear a path for your Hog Riders. This allows your Hog Riders to focus on the remaining defenses without distractions.
  3. Queen Walk: Utilize the Archer Queen’s ability to create a Queen Walk. This involves sending your Archer Queen on a designated path, supported by Healers to take out defenses and create a funnel for your Hog Riders.
  4. Mass Hog Rider: The Mass Hog Rider strategy involves deploying a large group of Hog Riders in one area, overwhelming the defenses and quickly taking them out. This strategy requires careful planning and timing to minimize the impact of traps and defenses.

Experiment with different attack strategies and find the one that suits your playstyle and base design. Once you have mastered the art of deploying Hog Riders, it’s time to consider some tips for using them effectively.

Tips for using Hog Riders effectively

To maximize the effectiveness of your Hog Riders, consider the following tips:

  1. Scouting: Before launching your attack, scout the base to identify potential weaknesses and trap locations. This will help you plan your attack strategy and avoid nasty surprises.
  2. Funneling: Create a funnel by clearing out buildings on the sides of the base. This will guide your Hog Riders towards the core, ensuring they stay on target and avoid distractions.
  3. Heal spells: Use Heal spells strategically to keep your Hog Riders alive during the attack. Place the Heal spells where your Hog Riders will be for maximum effect.
  4. Timing: Timing is crucial when deploying your Hog Riders. Wait until defenses are distracted or focused on other troops before sending in your Hog Riders to maximize their chances of success.
  5. Clan Castle troops: Always be prepared for Clan Castle troops. Lure them out and eliminate them before deploying your Hog Riders. A Rage spell can be useful to take them out quickly.

Using these tips, you can take your Hog Rider attacks to the next level. Now, let’s discuss the ideal composition of Hog Riders in army compositions.

Hog Rider composition in army compositions

The composition of your army is essential for a successful Hog Rider attack. Here are some troop combinations that work well with Hog Riders:

  1. Golems and Wizards: Golems can soak up damage while Wizards take out defenses. This combination creates a strong initial push, allowing your Hog Riders to focus on the remaining defenses.
  2. P.E.K.K.A and Bowlers: P.E.K.K.As are formidable tanks that can withstand heavy fire, while Bowlers deal devastating damage to defenses. This combination creates a powerful force that can clear a path for your Hog Riders.
  3. Giants and Valkyries: Giants act as meat shields while Valkyries deal splash damage to defenses. This combination can create a strong funnel for your Hog Riders and distract defenses from targeting them.

Experiment with different combinations to find the best one for your playstyle and base design. Now, let’s discuss defensive strategies against Hog Riders.

Defensive strategies against Hog Riders

As a Clash of Clans player, it’s important to defend against Hog Rider attacks effectively. Here are some defensive strategies to consider:

  1. Double Giant Bomb placement: Double Giant Bombs are a deadly threat to Hog Riders. Place them strategically to catch groups of Hog Riders off guard and deal massive damage.
  2. Spring Traps: Spring Traps can launch Hog Riders into the air, temporarily disabling them and allowing defenses to target them. Place Spring Traps in areas where Hog Riders are likely to path through.
  3. Inferno Towers: Set Inferno Towers to single-target mode to deal maximum damage to Hog Riders. The continuous beam can quickly eliminate groups of Hog Riders.
  4. Air Defenses: Hog Riders are vulnerable to air attacks, so having well-placed Air Defenses can help defend against Hog Riders supported by Balloons or other air troops.

By implementing these defensive strategies, you can increase your chances of repelling Hog Rider attacks. Now, let’s explore how Hog Riders can be utilized in Clan Wars and Clan Games.

Hog Riders in Clan Wars and Clan Games

Hog Riders can be a valuable asset in Clan Wars and Clan Games. Here’s how you can utilize them effectively:

  1. Clan Wars: Hog Riders can take out key defenses and clear a path for your main attack force. Coordinate with your clan mates to create a cohesive attack strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of Hog Riders.
  2. Clan Games: Hog Riders can be used to complete challenges that require you to destroy certain buildings or earn stars. Their versatility and power make them a great choice for completing various Clan Games challenges.

By utilizing Hog Riders strategically in Clan Wars and Clan Games, you can contribute to your clan’s success and earn valuable rewards. Now, let’s wrap up this guide.


Hog Riders are a force to be reckoned with in Clash of Clans. Their unique abilities and devastating power make them an excellent choice for players looking to dominate the battlefield.

By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, unlocking and upgrading them, considering base design, and utilizing effective attack strategies, you can harness the full potential of Hog Riders. Remember to implement the tips and defensive strategies discussed in this guide to maximize their effectiveness.

Whether a seasoned player or a beginner, this guide has given you the essential knowledge and tactics to make the most out of these hog-riding warriors. So saddle up, sharpen your axes, and unleash the unstoppable force of the Hog Riders!

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