How To Get Super Troops In Clash Of Clans

Super Troops represent one of the most powerful features in Clash of Clans. They’re also among the rarest, so they’ll likely cost you serious money if you want to get your hands on them.

Super Troops Are Stronger Than Their Original Versions

The first thing you need to know about Super Troops is that they are strong. Very strong. They’re so strong and effective that players who don’t upgrade their troops will find themselves overwhelmed by these new and improved units.

Super Troops come in two varieties – basic level 1-5 troops and advanced level 6-10 troops. Basic level troops are available at Town Hall 9, while advanced level troops require Town Hall 10. If you’re not yet at Town Hall 10, it will cost you real money to purchase an advanced level (or any other) Super Troop.

You might think this would mean upgrading your troops to Advanced Level before attempting to recruit Super Troops, but there’s another way…

Super Troops Take Up More Space And Have Higher Costs And Training Time

Another important point to remember when considering whether to invest in Super Troops is how much house space each unit takes up. Since Super Troops are significantly larger than their standard counterparts, they tend to eat into valuable real estate. A player can run out of room for anything else once he or she has recruited enough Super Troops.

This isn’t just theoretical, either. I’ve seen plenty of players complain about running out of space after recruiting too many Super Troops. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they should stop recruiting Super Troops altogether. There are ways to ensure you never run out of space again, such as building additional structures like Castles or Barracks.

As far as training times go, Super Troops aren’t any different from their regular counterparts. Each Super Troop costs 100 dark elixir per second to train, regardless of its current level. This makes sense since the only difference between a Super Troop and a regular troop is their appearance and skill set. So why do Super Troops cost twice as much? Because they look better and perform even better than their regular counterparts.

Super Troops Cost Dark Elixir, Or You Can Use The Super Potion For Free

Up until now, we haven’t talked about how you can acquire Super Troops. The good news is that Super Troops are quite easy to obtain. The bad news is that they are extremely expensive. Fortunately, both options are viable depending on what kind of budget you have.

First off, let me explain how Super Troops work. Once you complete a certain number of successful raids, you’ll earn a Super Minion. When you have three Super Minions, you’ll automatically unlock a Super Troop. You won’t have to pay anything extra if you fulfill the requirements for unlocking a Super Troop. However, if you decide to wait until you’ve collected four Super Minions, you’ll end up paying double the amount of dark elixir it normally costs to create a Super Troop.

Alternatively, you could buy a Super Potion instead of spending cash on Super Troops. The Super Potion allows you to instantly transform any non-Super Troop into a Super Troop without meeting the usual criteria.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Super Troops, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on them.

How To Activate A Super Troop

There are several ways to activate a Super Troop. First, you can add the Super Minion to your army. Alternatively, you can sacrifice a regular troop to convert it into a Super Troop. Finally, you can purchase a Super Potion with real money, transforming any regular troop into a Super Troop for free.

Let’s start with the easiest method first. Adding a Super Minion to your army will allow you to turn it into a Super Troop immediately. However, remember that Super Troops take up more space and have higher costs and training times than their regular counterparts. So unless you have no place left to put a troop in your army, you may wish to choose another option.

The next option is sacrificing a regular troop to convert it into a Super Troop. This works the same way as turning a regular troop into a Super Minion, except you need to sacrifice a regular troop instead of a Super Minion. Just select “Troop Donation” and tap the “Donate” button. Then enter the name of the troop you’d like to donate to and hit the “Donate” button again.

Finally, you can always spend real money on buying a Super Potion. Unlike donating a troop, you don’t need to specify which troop you’d like to convert into a Super Troop. Instead, you click on the “Buy Super Potion” icon near the screen’s bottom right corner. You can browse through the available Super Troops and pick whichever ones you want.

Once you’ve selected the Super Troops you’d like to purchase, you can proceed to the payment section, where you’ll see the total price for each Super Troop. Select the “Purchase” button to confirm your selection.

Congratulations! Your chosen Super Troops are now ready to fight alongside your existing troops. Now, let’s move on to Super Troops being stronger than their regular counterparts.

Super Troops Are Stronger Than Their Original Versions

I’m sure you already knew that Super Troops were stronger than their regular counterparts, but did you know just how strong they are? Well, let’s take a look at the stats of the various Super Troops currently included in Clash of Clans.

Super Troops are divided into two categories based on their levels. Basic level Super Troops include Super Bowler, Super Witch, Super Giant, Ice Hound, and others. These troops have a maximum attack range of 4 tiles. Meanwhile, advanced level Super Troops include Super Wizard, Super Archer, Super Giant, Ice Hound, and others. These troops have a maximum attack range of 5 tiles.

Keep in mind that Super Troops become more powerful as they increase in level. Therefore, if you want to maximize your chances of getting a Super Troop, you’ll need to max out your town hall level ASAP.

However, it’s worth noting that you can still build castles and barracks even if you’re not at Town Hall 10. Castle upgrades increase the defense of your castle, while Barracks provide additional space for troops stationed inside your castle. Both Castle and Barracks offer significant advantages over regular structures, making them well worth completing even if you’re unable to fully optimize your town hall level.

One last thing I wanted to mention was the fact that Super Troops are capable of performing multiple functions. While some Super Troops specialize in attacking, others excel at defending. Some Super Troops function as defensive towers, while others serve as offensive towers. As such, you’ll definitely want to consider which roles your favorite Super Troops play before deciding whether or not to recruit them.

In conclusion, Super Troops are indeed an incredibly powerful feature in Clash of Clans. However, they’re relatively difficult to obtain because of their high costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on Super Troops, including purchasing them with real money and converting regular troops into Super Troops via donations or potions.

So, if you’re looking to dominate the battlefields of Clash of Clans, you’ll definitely want to give Super Troops a shot. After all


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