How To Get League Medals In Clash Of Clans

League Medals And The League Shop

The League Shop is an online store where players can spend their hard-earned gems on cool stuff for their accounts.

Players can buy chests that contain legendary troops or powerful spells with gems. There’s even a section devoted to upgrading your troops, so they become more powerful than ever before!

There are also some items available only through the League Shop, like the “Legendary Chest,” which has one chance per day to drop a Legendary troop. It’s very rare, but if you do manage to find it, then you will have a tough time deciding what to pick up because there are so many awesome options!

League Medals are another type of item available exclusively from the League Shop. These are special medals awarded to players who perform well during matches against other teams in the Clan Wars tournament.

They are used to unlock all kinds of great rewards, including new troops, spells, and resources.

How To Earn League Medals

League Medals are given out to all members of a team (including the Clan Leader) based on how much damage was dealt to enemy bases in each match. This means that a small amount of damage will result in a low rank while a lot could potentially lead to a high rank.

You can see the current standings here:

If you’re interested in earning lots of League Medals, then I suggest joining a Team Challenge League – these are tournaments between multiple teams, usually involving around 100 people. You don’t need any friends to join either since anyone can play solo and compete against other individuals or teams.

Team Challenge Leagues run every few weeks and give out free League Medals to everyone who plays them. If you want to win big prizes too, then check out our guide to winning Team Challenges!

In addition to playing Team Challenge Leagues, you can earn League Medals by participating in Clan Wars and Champion Wars. In both cases, you simply need to defeat the opposing team using whatever strategy works best for you.

For example, if you decide to use a Clan Castle defense build then you will receive higher rankings compared to someone who uses a different strategy such as a Clan Castle attack. As long as you keep beating the other team, it would be best if you always aimed to achieve the highest ranking possible.

The bonus of League Medals is that they are available to everyone regardless of whether they own a Clan Castle. Therefore, no matter what kind of player you are, you should definitely try your luck and hope you score enough points to get into the top tier.

Champions And The Champion Shop

As mentioned earlier, League Medals can also be earned by participating in Champion Wars. These are tournaments between three teams consisting of the best players from each individual Clan. Each team consists of 15 players who fight until only three remain standing.

The first-place winner gets 50% of the total prize pool, the second place takes 25%, the third place receives 12.5%, and the fourth place earns 6.25%.

The remaining 10% goes towards the Champion Cup, where the top three players from each Clan compete for a share of this money.

To participate in Champion Wars you need to reach level 30 within your Clan and purchase the Champion Pass. Once you’ve done this, you can start playing immediately without waiting for anything else.

Each Champion Pass costs $20 and gives you access to everything related to Champion Wars, including Champion Wars chests. However, you won’t receive any League Medals unless you pay real money for those chests.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about spending thousands of dollars. Instead, you can just buy one Champion Pass and use it for several months to test out all of the different strategies. Then once you’ve found something that suits you, you can stop paying for the pass and enjoy all of the benefits forever!

How To Upgrade Your League Medal Rank

Once you’ve earned your first League Medal, you will automatically be placed into Bronze Tier 2. However, after each subsequent victory, you will move up a step to Silver Tier 3, Gold Tier 4, and finally, Platinum Tier 5.

These tiers determine your maximum number of League Medals that you can earn in a single season. So basically, the more League Medals you earn, the faster you progress.

When you reach Silver Tier 3 you will begin receiving free League Medals every week via daily quests. When you reach Gold Tier 4, you will continue getting weekly quests and extra bonus rewards. Finally, reaching Platinum Tier 5 will grant you double rewards for completing your daily quest goals.

If you want to speed up the process of earning League Medals, then consider purchasing a League Medal Boosting Pack. These packs cost $10 but allow you to instantly upgrade your League Medal rank. That way you never have to wait days or weeks to complete a task again!

How To Unlock All League Medallions

Once you’ve reached Platinum Tier 5, you will unlock all of the League Medallions that were previously unavailable. This includes every single medal that you can currently buy from the League Shop.

However, you won’t be able to sell these medallions for gems or gold. Instead, you will need to purchase them directly with real money.

How To Buy League Medallions With Gems

The easiest way to buy League Medals with gems would be to visit the League Shop and search for the specific medal you want. After selecting it, click the green “Buy Now” button and choose the number of gems you wish to spend.

Alternatively, you could open the app and navigate to the “Medal Shop” tab. Here you will see all of the League Medals listed alphabetically. Click the name of the medal you want and then select the appropriate gem price.

Finally, if none of the above methods work then, you may be able to trade gems for League Medals. Check out our guide to trading gems for cash or gold to learn how to do this.

How To Buy League Medallions With Gold

Unfortunately, buying League Medals with gold is impossible due to restrictions imposed by Apple. However, you can still earn League Medals by participating in events and completing daily quests.

Events are designed to reward players with League Medals for certain actions. For example, you might receive a League Medal for defeating an opponent in a game of Blitz. Alternatively, you could earn a League Medal by defeating a specific number of enemies in a battle or collecting a set amount of resources.

Daily quests are similar to events except instead of being triggered randomly, they appear every day at a fixed time. You can see the list of upcoming daily quests here: If you want to maximize your chances of scoring League Medals, then you should look for daily quests that offer better rewards than others. For example, the “Collect 3 Gems” quest offers 1000 League Medals whereas the “Def


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