How To Get Hog Rider In Clash Of Clans

How To Get Hog Rider In Clash Of Clans

Are you a Clash of Clans enthusiast looking to add a powerful and unstoppable force to your army? Look no further than the legendary Hog Rider! Known for its brute strength and unwavering determination, the Hog Rider is a game-changer on the battlefield.

But how exactly can you obtain this formidable troop? This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock and upgrade the Hog Rider in Clash of Clans. We have you covered from understanding its unique abilities to strategizing its usage in battles.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Clash of Clans journey, get ready to unleash the power of the Hog Rider and dominate your opponents like never before. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to adding this mighty troop to your arsenal!

Hog Rider gameplay and abilities

The Hog Rider is a versatile troop that can be valuable in various attack strategies. With its high hit points and impressive speed, the Hog Rider can quickly reach and demolish enemy defenses. Its primary ability, the Hammer Jam, allows it to jump over walls, making it an effective ground unit for base assaults.

Additionally, the Hog Rider’s targeting priority is defensive buildings, prioritizing them over resource buildings, which makes it an ideal troop for raiding enemy bases.

In terms of offensive capabilities, the Hog Rider deals significant damage with each swing of its hammer. Its attacks are devastating against defensive buildings such as cannons, archer towers, and wizard towers.

However, it is important to note that the Hog Rider is vulnerable to traps, such as spring traps and giant bombs, which can deal massive damage or even eliminate them in a single blow. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your attacks carefully and consider the layout of the enemy base before deploying your Hog Riders.

To maximize the effectiveness of your Hog Riders, it is essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. While they excel at taking down defenses, they are relatively weak against the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Clan Castle troops.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a supporting army composition that can handle these threats while your Hog Riders focus on destroying defenses. With the right strategy and troop composition, the Hog Riders can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Importance of Hog Rider in different attack strategies

The Hog Rider’s unique abilities make it an invaluable asset in various attack strategies. The Hog Cycle strategy is one of the most popular strategies utilizing the Hog Rider. This strategy uses a low-cost army composed primarily of Hog Riders to raid enemy bases and steal resources quickly.

The Hog Cycle strategy relies on the speed and power of the Hog Riders to bypass enemy defenses and reach the core of the base. By targeting defensive buildings, the Hog Riders can quickly dismantle the enemy’s defensive capabilities, allowing the rest of the army to push deeper into the base.

Another popular attack strategy that incorporates the Hog Rider is the Queen Charge Hog strategy. This strategy involves using the Archer Queen to clear a path for the Hog Riders by taking out key defenses.

With the help of healers, the Archer Queen can withstand heavy damage and eliminate threats that could harm the Hog Riders. Once the defenses are neutralized, the Hog Riders can be deployed to destroy the remaining structures and secure victory swiftly.

The Hog Rider can also be part of a hybrid strategy, combining ground and air units to create a balanced attack force. You can create a versatile army that can adapt to various base layouts using a combination of Hog Riders, Balloons, and other ground and air troops.

The Hog Riders can serve as the primary force for taking down defenses, while the air units provide support and take out high-value targets such as Air Defenses and Wizard Towers. This hybrid strategy can catch opponents off guard and lead to successful raids.

In summary, the Hog Rider’s versatility and unique abilities make it an essential component of many attack strategies in Clash of Clans. Whether you prefer a pure Hog Rider attack, a Queen Charge Hog strategy, or a hybrid strategy, the Hog Rider can deliver the firepower needed to conquer enemy bases and claim victory.

How to unlock Hog Rider in Clash of Clans

Unlocking the Hog Rider in Clash of Clans is a straightforward process that requires you to upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 2. The Dark Barracks is where you train Dark Elixir troops, including the Hog Rider.

To upgrade your Dark Barracks, you must have a Town Hall level 7 or higher. Once your Dark Barracks is upgraded to level 2, you can train Hog Riders using Dark Elixir.

To upgrade, tap on your Dark Barracks and select the “Upgrade” option. This will initiate the upgrade and require some resources and time to complete. Once the upgrade is finished, you can access the Hog Rider in the troop training menu.

It is important to note that unlocking the Hog Rider is the first step. You must upgrade and level it up to make the most of this powerful troop.

Strategies for obtaining Hog Rider quickly

Obtaining the Hog Rider quickly is crucial for players looking to incorporate this troop into their attack strategies. Here are some strategies to help you obtain Hog Riders efficiently:

  1. Focus on Dark Elixir: Hog Riders require Dark Elixir to train, so it is essential to prioritize the collection and storage of this valuable resource. Upgrade your Dark Elixir Drills and Dark Elixir Storage to ensure a steady supply of Dark Elixir.
  2. Raid Dark Elixir storages: Look for bases with a substantial amount of Dark Elixir in their storages and plan your attacks accordingly. Use strategies that can quickly take down defenses and reach the Dark Elixir storage, allowing you to steal a significant amount of Dark Elixir in a single raid.
  3. Join a clan: Being part of an active and supportive clan can provide various benefits, including access to donated troops and Clan Games rewards. Participate in Clan Games to earn valuable resources, including Dark Elixir, which can be used to train Hog Riders.
  4. Utilize the Trader: The Trader is a non-playable character in Clash of Clans who visits your village periodically and offers various items and resources in exchange for Gems. Keep an eye out for Hog Riders or resources needed to upgrade your Dark Barracks, as the Trader may have them available for purchase.

By implementing these strategies and focusing on Dark Elixir collection, you can obtain Hog Riders quickly and start incorporating them into your attack strategies.

Upgrading and leveling up Hog Rider

To unleash the full potential of your Hog Riders, it is crucial to upgrade and level them up. Upgrading your Hog Riders will increase their hitpoints and damage, making them more effective on the battlefield. Here’s how you can upgrade and level up your Hog Riders:

  1. Dark Elixir: Upgrading your Hog Riders requires Dark Elixir. Ensure that you have enough Dark Elixir to initiate the upgrade process.
  2. Laboratory: The Laboratory is where you upgrade your troops and spells. Upgrade your Laboratory to unlock higher levels of the Hog Rider and increase their stats. Each level of the Laboratory unlocks new upgrades for the Hog Rider, so prioritize its upgrade.
  3. Upgrade priority: When upgrading your Hog Riders, focus on increasing their hitpoints first. This will enhance their survivability on the battlefield and allow them to withstand more damage from defensive buildings and traps.
  4. Research duration: Upgrading your Hog Riders in the Laboratory takes time. The higher the upgrade level, the longer it will take to complete. Plan your upgrades accordingly and consider using Gems to speed up the process if you are in a hurry.

By consistently upgrading and leveling up your Hog Riders, you will enhance their abilities and ensure they remain a force reckoned with on the battlefield.

Best ways to use Hog Rider in battles

The Hog Rider’s unique abilities make it a versatile troop that can be utilized in various ways during battles. Here are some of the best ways to use Hog Riders:

  1. Surgical deployment: Deploying your Hog Riders surgically means sending them in small groups rather than all at once. This strategy allows you to spread out the Hog Riders and target multiple defensive buildings simultaneously, overwhelming the enemy defenses and increasing your chances of success.
  2. Lure and eliminate Clan Castle troops: Clan Castle troops can pose a significant threat to your Hog Riders. Before deploying your Hog Riders, luring and eliminating the Clan Castle troops using troops such as Archers or Wizards is crucial. Once the Clan Castle troops are neutralized, your Hog Riders can focus on their primary objective: destroying defenses.
  3. Analyze base layouts: Before deploying your Hog Riders, carefully analyze the layout of the enemy base. Identify potential trap locations and plan your attack accordingly. Avoid sending your Hog Riders directly into areas where traps are likely, such as near defensive or resource buildings. Instead, aim to take advantage of pathing that avoids potential trap locations.
  4. Support with healing spells: Healing spells can significantly increase the survivability of your Hog Riders. Deploy healing spells strategically to keep your Hog Riders healthy and prolong their attack capabilities. Timing is crucial when using healing spells, so deploy them just before your Hog Riders reach a group of defenses or when they are under heavy fire.

By following these strategies and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Hog Rider, you can maximize their effectiveness in battles and achieve victory against even the most challenging opponents.

Hog Rider attack combinations and troop support

While the Hog Rider can be devastating on its own, combining it with other troops can further enhance its effectiveness in battles. Here are some attack combinations and troop support ideas to consider:

  1. Giants: Giants can serve as meat shields for your Hog Riders, absorbing damage from defensive buildings and allowing the Hog Riders to focus on their primary targets. Deploy Giants first, followed by Hog Riders to create a deadly combination that can quickly dismantle enemy defenses.
  2. Wizards: Wizards can provide additional firepower and eliminate threats that could harm your Hog Riders. Deploy a group of Wizards behind your Hog Riders to clear out enemy troops and structures, creating a safe path for your Hog Riders to advance.
  3. Balloons: Balloons can target defensive buildings that are out of reach for your Hog Riders. Deploy Balloons to take out Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, or other high-value targets, allowing your Hog Riders to focus on ground defenses.
  4. Healers: Healers can keep your Hog Riders alive and prolong their attack capabilities. Deploy Healers behind your Hog Riders to provide continuous healing, ensuring that they can withstand heavy damage and continue their assault.

Experiment with different combinations and troop support to find the best strategy for your playstyle and the layout of the enemy base. Each combination has strengths and weaknesses, so adapt your strategy to achieve the best results.

Defending against Hog Rider attacks

Defending against Hog Rider attacks requires careful planning and strategically placing defensive buildings. Here are some tips to help you defend against Hog Rider attacks:

  1. Double-layered walls: Double-layered walls can significantly slow down Hog Riders, giving your defenses more time to eliminate them. Place your walls strategically to create compartments and force the Hog Riders to take a longer path to reach their targets.
  2. Spring traps and giant bombs: Spring traps and giant bombs can deal massive damage to Hog Riders and potentially eliminate them in a single blow. Place these traps strategically near high-value targets such as defensive or resource buildings to catch your opponent off guard.
  3. Archer Queen and Barbarian King: The Archer Queen and Barbarian King can significantly damage Hog Riders. Place them near defensive buildings or within range of your Hog Rider’s path to take them out quickly. Utilize their abilities to their full potential and ensure they are well-protected.
  4. Air Defenses: Hog Riders are ground troops and can be vulnerable to air attacks. Place your Air Defenses strategically against supporting troops such as Balloons or Dragons, which can be used with Hog Riders.
  5. Clan Castle troops: Clan Castle troops can provide valuable defense against Hog Rider attacks. Include troops such as Wizards, Archers, or even a Dragon in your Clan Castle to provide additional firepower and eliminate Hog Riders before they reach their targets.

By implementing these defensive strategies and understanding the weaknesses of the Hog Rider, you can successfully defend against Hog Rider attacks and protect your base from enemy raids.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The Hog Rider is a formidable Clash of Clans troop capable of wreaking havoc on enemy bases with its brute strength and unique abilities. By unlocking and upgrading the Hog Rider, you can unleash its full potential and incorporate it into various attack strategies.

The Hog Rider can be a game-changer on the battlefield from surgical deployments to combining it with other troops.

However, it is important to remember that no troop is invincible, and careful planning is crucial for success. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Hog Rider, as well as defensive strategies to counter it, will give you an edge in battles.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player looking to enhance your Clash of Clans strategies or a beginner ready to take on new challenges, the Hog Rider is a troop worth unlocking and mastering.

With its unparalleled strength and unwavering determination, the Hog Rider will help you dominate your opponents and achieve victory like never before. So, get ready to ride into battle and experience the power of the Hog Rider firsthand!

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