How To Donate Spells In Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans (COC) is one of the best-known mobile strategy games today, with over 2 million monthly active players.

Donating Spells

If someone from your clan asks for something magical, they likely need help.

You can help by donating spells to them! Several ways exist, including the new Spell Donation Menu, which allows you to view all requests at once.

There are two main types of spells available: Dark and Light. Each type comes in different levels ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.

Dark spells require a lot of resources to cast, while light spells cost little. However, there have been many reports of people being unable to use certain spells due to a lack of resources. If you’re trying to get a particular combination of spells, you may run out of money before completing the task.

Spells can only be donated when you’ve reached level 6 or higher. As mentioned above, you’ll unlock new spells as you progress through COC. Every time you reach level 10, you’ll gain an extra spell slot, meaning you can eventually make donations every day without waiting until you hit level 20.

Requesting Spells

It’s important to remember that you won’t always be able to give away everything you want. If you try to donate too much, you might end up without enough resources to build anything else. You should still consider asking for spells occasionally, especially when you’re just starting.

The easiest way to request spells is to open the Clan Castle screen on iOS/Android and select “Castles” under the “My Clan” tab.

Next, tap the “Castle Troops” button and scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page.

Here you’ll see a list of all members who currently own castles. Scroll down further to reveal another section titled “Requests.”

Each person listed here represents a member of your clan. Tap on any name to view their profile and learn more about them.

At the top right corner of each profile, you’ll see a number representing how many spells they currently possess. The larger the number, the more spells they have left. Anyone would rarely run out of spells unless they were constantly donating spells, but it does happen sometimes.

To place a request, click on the blue “+” icon next to the desired spell and tap “Request.”

Do note that not everyone will accept your request. Some people like to keep their castle defenses strong, even if it means missing out on rare spells.

How Do I Donate More Spells?

As explained earlier, the amount of spells you can donate depends on your current level. While you can unlock new spells as you play, you’ll never receive more than five slots per level.

Fortunately, there are other ways to increase your donation limit. One such method is to upgrade your clan and unlock additional perks.

For example, raising your clan rank from Bronze to Gold increases the maximum donation count from 15 to 25. Higher ranks come with more perks, allowing you to spend less gold on spells.

Another option is to start playing during the Challenge Season. This gives you access to special rewards and bonuses throughout the year, including increased donation limits. During the Challenge Season, you’ll earn bonus gold based on your performance. The more successful you are the bigger your reward.

Finally, leveling up your clan and unlocking perks will help you raise your donation limits. For example, reaching level 4 unlocks the ability to send a message to your clan mates whenever you donate spells.

These methods work together, allowing you to unlock multiple perks while earning valuable rewards.

Upgrading Your Clan And Unlocking Perks Will Help Raise Your Donation Limits

Leveling up your clan and unlocking perks will allow you to increase your donation limits faster than ever before. Here are a few examples…

Leveling Up Your Clan

Raising your clan rank from Silver to Gold increases the maximum donation count from 30 to 50. Once you’ve unlocked the perk associated with the first rank, you’ll automatically begin receiving benefits at the second rank. These include free gems and gold.

Continuing to level up your clan will gradually unlock more perks, giving you access to even greater rewards.

Unlocking Perks

Many perks enable you to buy spells using gold instead of gems. For example, the “More Spell Slots” perk costs 100 gems but allows you to purchase the same spell twice for 500 gold each.

Other perks let you change the appearance of your clan logo. For example, the “Show Clan Logo On Battlefields” perk lets you show off your clan crest wherever you fight.

Some perks allow you to customize the color of your clan castle walls. For example, the “Change Castle Wall Color” perk enables you to choose three colors.

In addition to these perks, you can unlock many others. Visit the official Clash of Clans website to discover more.

Video Of The New Spell Donation Menu

Check out our YouTube clip below if you’d like to watch the new Spell Donation menu in action.

Donated Spell

If you’ve already donated spells, you’ll notice that there now appears a new “Donated Spells” category within the “Castle Troops” menu.

This lists all of the spells you’ve recently donated. Click on any item to view its details.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet any way to cancel a previously donated spell. You’ll have to delete it manually.

Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to add this feature to the game. Have you used the new Spell Donation menu? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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