How Many Trophies Should A Builder Hall 5 Have?

If you have upgraded your troops (any two) to max at Builder Hall 5, the ideal trophy number would be close to 2000–2200. Maxed builder base five can reach 2500 trophies with reasonable skill. One account in the top 100 in India is just builder base six maxed.

How Do I Find Out When I Started My Clash of Clans Account?

When you download the game and play it, that’s your first day. By going on Itunes and clicking “view my account.” Then go down to “All Purchases” and click on see all. This showed the time and date when each app was first downloaded.

Can You Have The Same Clash of Clans On Two Devices?

You can indeed play Clash of Clans on two or more devices. You have to connect your base with a google play account, and then you can access it on any device by logging in with the same Google account.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Dark Elixir?

Attacking strategically and increasing trophies will help you find bases with more Dark Elixer. Gold Leagues and Crystal Leagues are usually the best for finding excess Dark Elixer and trophies. You can go even higher if you are a Town Hall 10 to Masters League and get a 500 dark elixir league bonus for every base you star.

What Level Do You Get Dark Elixir In Clash of Clans?

The Dark Elixir Drill is unlocked at Town Hall level 7, along with the Dark Elixer Storage.

How Much Dark Elixir Does It Take To Upgrade King To Level 7?

The Barbarian King is unlocked when you build the Barbarian King Altar. The Altar costs 10,000 Dark Elixir, and a Town Hall level 7 is required.

How Many Dark Elixir Storages Can You Get?

If you are a Town Hall level 7, you can get one Dark Elixer Storage. By default, you can store a maximum of 2,500 Dark Elixer without DE Storage, but you will need to purchase a storage unit to hold more than the initial amount.

Are Witches Good In Clash of Clans?

Witches are an excellent troop for defense in lower Town Halls and are suitable for an attack in Town Hall 10 and above, where they can be used with bowlers for funneling and distracting defenses.

Can Skeleton Spell Lure Clan Castle Troops?

These Skeletons are fragile but can provide a good distraction. Like Skeletons summoned by Witches, they do not trigger Traps or Clan Castle troops.

How Do You Beat The Electro Dragon In CC?

Electro Dragon can be easily killed by dragons combined with either freeze or poison. Those using ground troops can lure Electro drag to the queen and use it to kill.

What Is A Log Launcher?

The Log Launcher considers the Town Hall its primary target and will fight its way through enemy buildings and Walls to reach its location, regardless of whether or not the Town Hall is still standing.

Is Electro Dragon Better Than Baby Dragon?

Baby Dragon seems to be the better choice, despite Baby Dragon not having the interrupt ability. He gets TWO hits on a tower when left unopposed, which isn’t his intended use but exemplifies his lacking threat.

What Is The Giant Balloon In Clash of Clans?

The zippier, hot-air-filled cousin of the Wall Wrecker, the Battle Blimp, soars over your enemy’s defenses. As it beelines directly for the enemy Town Hall, the Battle Blimp will drop a continuous barrage of bombs.

How Do I Get More Builders?

At Builder Hall 9, a new building called O.T.T.O Hut becomes available. Upgrading this building allows the Master Builder to get an additional builder in the Builder Base. This also frees the Master Builder from moving between the two villages.

How Far Can A Cannon Cart Shoot?

The Cannon Cart can shoot over two-tile gaps between Walls and a building.

Should I Gear Up All My Cannons?

A general recommendation for geared-up Cannons and Archer Towers is to have the ones closer to the edge of your base in the geared-up mode.

How Many Levels Are There In Giga Inferno?

The Giga Inferno has five upgradeable levels, delivering more devastation than the previous level.

Do Spells Trigger Eagle Artillery?

Spells will count as troops and activate the Eagle Artillery if they fall within the required housing spaces to initiate the defense structure.

How Do You Get Clan Medals?

Players can earn League Medals by participating in Clan War Leagues and Champions War Leagues. Players can earn League Medals based on which league their Clan is currently playing in, and their placement determines their total reward within the Group at the end of the season.

Will I Get War Loot If I Leave Clan?

Yes. You’ll get the war win bonus once the war has finished. You cannot join another Clan war until the previous one has ended.

Where Can I Buy Gold Runes?

Runes can be bought at the Daily Discounts barrack using Gems and at the League Shop using League Medals. Runes can also be rewarded in Clan Games and events.

Do Stones Grow In Clash of Clans?

While trees and other vegetation types will respawn over time if the obstacle limit isn’t reached, rocks and stones will not respawn.

How Do You Get Free Scenery On Clash of Clans?

You can switch between different Sceneries by tapping on your Town Hall and then tapping the “Change Scenery” button. You get the Classic Scenery by default. A second scene is unlocked by reaching Town Hall 14. So far, all other Sceneries are purchased through the shop but are only available for a limited time.

Do Gem Boxes Go Away?

When you remove a Gem Box, you earn 25 gems. If you choose not to remove a Gem Box, nothing will happen, but you will miss out on free gems, and another gem box will not reappear until the previous one has been removed.

Can You Boost Gem Mine?

When a maxed Gem mine is paired with a maxed Clock Tower or a Clock Tower Potion, one boost will net a player 90% of a gem.

What Do You Get For Removing 9th Anniversary Cake?

The 9th birthday cake was released on the 9th anniversary, and it costs 9,999 Gold to remove, and you get 99,999 Gold in return. Obstacles | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

Is The Gem Mine Worth It?

Suppose you plan to play the game for a long time, then yes. If you are unsure, hang on and save your gems for masteries or invest in the gem mine once you have decided to stick with the game.

What Is Clan War League?

Clan War Leagues is a season-based league structure for Clan Wars. Once a month, Clans participate in week-long Seasons, during which they fight other Clans of similar skill levels each day of the week. The Clan War Leagues are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master, and Champion league.

How Do You Get Hero Skins In Clash of Clans?

Most skins are available through purchasing the Gold Pass and reaching the final reward tier in the Season Challenges. In contrast, others are only available through limited-time offers outside the Gold Pass.

Does The Old Barbarian Statue Grow Grass?

The tall grass grows only in the builder’s base and around notable buildings: An ancient barbarian statue (you can build up to 2) and, in the absence of this, around the battle machine altar.

What Is Experience In Clash of Clans?

Experience is a numeric value based on performing various activities in-game such as completing achievements, upgrading buildings, donating troops, destroying Town Halls while raiding, etc. The more experience you earn, the higher your level becomes.

How Often Do Trees Spawn In Clash of Clans?

Vegetation respawns at one item per eight hours, except if all the spaces in your village are filled.

How Much Can You Sell A Rune Of Gold For?

Rune of Gold can be purchased for 1,500 Gems and sold for 50 Gems.

Can You Heal A Siege Machine?

Siege Machines are unaffected by the Healing Spell.

Are Hidden Teslas Worth Upgrading?

A standard solution to make them more powerful is placing them close together on higher levels. With moderate damage, the Hidden Tesla is a fairly good defense when unlocked on Town Hall 7. However, it loses significance as you upgrade your Town Hall and unlock better defenses.

What Is The Best Clash of Clans Troop?

The Wizard is part of multiple higher leagues’ attack troop combos, massive attack points, and low unit space is taken 4/unit, making it the best troop in Clash of Clans.

How Do You Unlock Troops In Clash of Clans?

Players can transform their base-level troops into Super Troop counterparts using Dark Elixir or a Super Potion. To unlock super troops, the player must advance their Town Hall to level 11 and have the base troop’s level requirement.

Do You Need To Upgrade All Your Barracks?

Yes, but please remember that you should not upgrade all your Barracks at once, so you will still be able to train troops.

Does Clash of Clans Have A Chat?

Global Chat allows users to communicate in massive chat rooms that tend to devolve into meaningless drivel reasonably quickly. According to a post on the game’s subreddit, Clash of Clans will remove Global Chat in an October 2019 update. Clan Chat is still available to communicate with other Clan members, though.

What Should I Upgrade In Clash of Clans?

Heroes are the most critical upgrade in the game. It’s more important than any defense or regular troop. If you have maxed Heroes, you can attack any village regardless of defenses or base layout.

How Many Times Can You Change Name In Clash of Clans?

You can change your name for free once. After the first time, a name change is possible with Gems. Remember that the cost for the next name change increases each time you change your name. So choose your name wisely!

Do Jump Spells Attract Troops?

Combined with Wall Breakers, Jump Spells help get Troops deep into the interior of a base. Once Wall Breakers have initially breached the exterior Walls, any new ones tend to be attracted to adjacent compartments rather than those behind the breach.

Can You Upgrade Builder Huts?

When you upgrade to Town Hall 14, you unlock the ability to upgrade your Builder’s Huts.

How Do You Upgrade Builders Hut In Clash of Clans?

To upgrade the Builder Hut, you must first reach Town Hall level 14 and add a short-range turret. After this, your Builder will become a Battle Builder and repair any nearby damaged buildings during battle. The Builder cannot repair buildings or base walls that are fully destroyed.

Did Clash of Clans Lower The Cost Of Walls?

Walls are getting 25-60% of their cost reduced from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 12.

How Many Gems Does It Take To Max Town Hall 7?

When appropriately calculated, it would take around 35,000 gems to max Town Hall 7 completely.

Can You Request Troops While Upgrading Clan Castle?

During the upgrade, you can use the Clan Castle without any issues. You can request troops, use attacks and defenses and collect resources from the Treasury.


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