How Many People Play Clash Of Clans?

The numbers behind Clash of Clans are staggering.

Clash of Clans Live Player Count

If you want to know how many people play Clash of Clans, this article will help answer that question. Here we’ll look at some statistics about the game and what it means for its current status.

First, here’s an estimate of the average amount of money Clash of Clans makes daily. This figure comes from App Annie’s data, which shows that Clash of Clans grosses around $1 million daily.

That’s not all, though! Clash of Clans has made over $1 billion since its release. That means that the daily revenue generated by the game is still increasing each day as more people download it.

Now let’s talk about where these users come from. According to Google Trends, there were 4 million searches related to Clash of Clans between January 2013 and June 2014 alone. These figures represent 2% of global internet traffic during this period.

It’s no surprise that Clash of Clans was so successful, considering the popularity of both iOS and Android devices. Between 2011 and 2015, Apple reported selling over 1 billion iPhones, while Samsung sold around 800 million smartphones. Meanwhile, Android had sales of around 1.3 billion units globally last year.

So, with such massive audiences, it shouldn’t be surprising that Clash of Clans would become such a big hit. However, if those numbers don’t mean anything, consider this…

Peak Number of Clash of Clans Players

In March 2016, the peak number of Clash of Clans players reached 50 million worldwide. Remember that this is just the peak number of players who played simultaneously at any given time. Hundreds or thousands of players could easily log into the game at once.

One thing worth noting is that this number isn’t necessarily permanent. For example, if you compare the peak number of Clash of Clans players back in April 2018 (47 million), you notice that they dropped significantly compared to the previous month.

Why did this happen? I can only speculate, but my best guess is that the recent Clash of Clans update caused some players to leave the game entirely. If you haven’t heard about the recent Clash of Clans update, check out our article titled “What happened to Clash of Clans players after the latest update?”

Regardless, even though the peak number of Clash of Clans players hasn’t been recorded since April 2018, it does show us that the game continues to grow stronger.

The Numbers Behind Clash of Clans

If you read through the first part of this article, you might already realize why Clash of Clans is so popular. But how much do these numbers matter? How exactly do they affect the way that the game plays? And, finally, what does it all mean for Clash of Clans going forward? Let’s find out.

How many times Clash of Clans is downloaded

According to Statista, Clash of Clans has been installed 545 million times across desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. According to App Annie, Clash of Clans generates approximately $250 million monthly.

These numbers seem pretty impressive. They certainly give us a good idea of how widespread Clash of Clans has become.

How many hours Clash of Clans is played

Again, thanks to Statista, we can see that Clash of Clans is played 3.5 billion hours every month. So, based on this information, it seems like Clash of Clans players spends a lot of time playing the game.

However, remember that this doesn’t include people who open the app without starting a match. If someone logs into Clash of Clans, this counts as a session. Also, remember that this stat only covers the months of February, March, and April 2017. Since then, the number of sessions has decreased dramatically.

How often do players log into Clash of Clans?

Let’s move on to another important statistic. Again, using data gathered by Statista, we can learn that Clash of Clans is visited 690 million times every month. That works out to roughly 20 visits per person!

Although it may sound like a lot, remember that this is just visitors to the website and does not account for active accounts. Plus, it’s possible that many of these users never actually start a battle. This tells us that Clash of Clans is extremely popular among new players.

What does it all mean?

As you can see, the numbers behind Clash of Clans are enormous. With over 500 million downloads, millions of dollars being earned every day, billions of hours spent playing the game, and tens of millions of players logging into the game every month, it’s safe to say that Clash of Clans is quite popular.

But what does this mean for the future of Clash of Clans? Will the game continue to dominate the market, or will other similar titles eventually overtake it? Hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon enough!


Whether you love or hate Clash of Clans, you’ve probably seen the numbers mentioned above. However, knowing them firsthand gives you a better appreciation for their significance. Whether your favorite game is Clash of Clans or something else, seeing these numbers should make you feel proud of yourself for making such a huge impact on the world.

And now that you know everything there is to know about Clash of Clans live player counts go ahead and check out our article on the most interesting Clash of Clans stats.

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You can visit the official Clash of Clans website to learn more about the game.


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