How Does CWL Matchmaking Work In Clash of Clans?

Clans are randomly matched up against seven other Clans in their League tier to form a Group. Clans in a Group fight each other, and the best-performing Clans of each Group can be promoted to a higher League.

How Are CWL Matchups Determined?

In Clan War Leagues, Clans are matched based on their league. Once their League placement has been determined, the Clan is randomly matched against Clans in the same league and selected the same war size.

How Does Clash of Clans Match Opponents?

Clans are matched up based on the overall strength of their members. Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (troops, army camp capacity, and spells) and defensive power (defense buildings, walls, and traps). Heroes count toward a player’s offensive and defensive strength. Clan War Matchmaking | Supercell Support Portal.

Why Is CWL So Unbalanced?

Clan War Leagues are unbalanced because the Clan that is extremely powerful for your league had been in a significantly higher league in previous CWLs, but de-ranked due to inactivity, poor attacks, or maybe they did it intentionally.

How Long Does It Take To Find A Clan War?

The Clan War will start immediately after a suitable opponent has been found. You will be notified when this happens. Finding an opposing Clan can take several minutes, but there is no need to wait on the matchmaking screen. Just press the “Return Home” button to continue playing. Starting a Clan War | Supercell Support Portal.

What Determines Position In War Clash of Clans?

The overall defense determines war map rank. Once a match is found, players are sorted on the map from strongest to weakest in terms of the defense power of their base from defense levels, hero levels, traps, etc.

Do You Still Get Clan War Loot If You Leave?

If you are on the Roster but then leave or are kicked out of the Clan, you are still eligible for 20% to 100% of the placement League Medal reward, depending on how many War Stars are collected. Clan Leader and Co-Leaders give bonus League Medals, so discretion is up to them.

What Is The Goal Of Clash of Clans?

The ultimate goal in Clash of Clans is to beat other players and be a part of a winning clan. In the first few days, the player is protected from attacks from other players, but once the beginning shield is dropped, your base becomes a target. In other words, after the shield is dropped, your village can be attacked multiple times a day.

What Is The Best Upgrade In Clash of Clans?

Heroes are an essential upgrade in the game. It’s more important than any defense or regular troop. You own the game if you have maxed Heroes and can attack any village regardless of defenses or base layout.

How Do You Talk To People On Clash of Clans?

Global chat is no longer a thing supported by Clash of Clans. To talk to other people on the game, you will need to join or start a Clan, and as more members come in, the chat bar on the left side of the screen will allow members to talk with each other.

How Long Does It Take To Upgrade To Town Hall 12 In Clash of Clans?

When a player has a gold pass, maxing the Town Hall 12 base will take around 8-10 months. If the player is very active in the game, it could take less than eight months.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Online On Clash of Clans?

There is a green light next to the names of Clan members online. There is also a Clan Status Indicator in the Clan Chat that shows how many members are online at any given time.

What Is The Fastest Troop In Clash of Clans?

The Inferno Dragon is the fastest attacking troop with a hit speed of 0.4 sec. The Inferno Dragon is the same breed as the Baby Dragon, but it moves slower, possibly because it carries extra equipment. Inferno Dragon | Clash Royale Wiki | Fandom.

Can You Cheat Clash of Clans?

No, you can’t use cheats in Clash of Clans.

Is It Better To Keep Loot In Treasury Or Storage?

The safest place to keep resources is the Treasury. However, the loot cap is applied to storage, so the Treasury is only the best place to store loot until reaching the limit of the Town Hall level.

Can Your Treasury Be Looted In Clash of Clans?

Attackers can’t reach your Treasury. The gold, elixir, and dark elixir stored in the Treasury is safe from the attackers.

How Do You Get 4x Loot In Clash of Clans?

Upgrading the Town Hall to level 4 or higher will provide a 4x Star Bonus boost for 3-5 days after the upgrade (depending on the Town Hall level).  Star Bonus | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

What Is A Loot Bonus?

You will get a loot bonus for every multiplayer attack victory, including revenge attacks. Bonus loot is awarded in addition to the plunder taken from your opponent. The bonus can be seen in the battle result screen.

What Is Clash of Clans Season Bank?

The exact amount you looted appears in the Season Bank every time you raid a village. You get the resources in the Season Bank for yourself at the end of the season. With Gold Pass, you can upgrade its capacity to a maximum of 25 Million Gold and Elixir and 250k Dark Elixir. Season Bank | Supercell Support Portal.

How Do You Get Town Hall Storage?

Your Town Hall acts more like storage as of the Town Hall 11 update. It contains up to a certain amount of loot that will be taken only when the Town Hall is destroyed in an attack. There is no way to prevent it from being stored there or remove it.

How Much Loot Can You Lose In Clash of Clans?

The rule is that up to 50% of the loot stored in Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors can be stolen, and 75% of Dark Elixir in Drills can be stolen.

What Happens If Your Season Bank Is Bigger Than Storage?

If your Season Bank is bigger than your storage, you will lose any overflow loot. It is best to keep collecting loot in the Treasury and using as much as possible towards the end of the month before the Season Bank moves the haul into your storage.

Is Clash of Clans Ok For 10 Year Olds?

The Clash of the Clans gaming app is safe for kids with adult supervision. The Clan that a player chooses will dictate how safe their Clash of Clans gameplay is. The app is rated for users 10+, but the terms of use require 13 years or older users.

What Age Group Plays Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a free-to-download online multiplayer battle game. The game’s object is to build your village, design your base and defend your turf. It is aimed at ages 13+.

What Is Clash Anniversary?

Clash of Clans was launched on the 2nd of August in 2012. Every year around July and August, a unique anniversary gift or event is available for all players to enjoy.

What Is The Longest Clash of Clans Upgrade?

Fourteen days is the longest upgrade time in Clash of Clans. Many Town Hall 11 upgrades are this length of time.

How Many Gems Is One Day?

Though the process is slow, gems can be mined in the Gem Mine in the Builder Base, with a maximum production rate of 4.8 gems per day. Players can win Gems directly from Clan Games if their Clan has unlocked the relevant reward tiers. Gems | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

Is It Legal To Buy Clash of Clans Account?

No. It is written in Clash of Clans forums that the selling of accounts is an illegal act.

How Much Is Supercell Worth?

Finnish mobile game developer and publisher Supercell generated approximately 2.24 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2021. That same year, the company reported earnings of 852 million U.S. dollars. Supercell regularly ranks among the leading Google gaming app publishers based on revenue in the United States.

How Long Does Clash of Clans Make You Take A Break?

A break will occur after eight hours of continuous play; you’ll need to close the app for a few minutes up to a couple of hours before you can play again. This was introduced to prevent players from staying online continuously and avoiding attacks.

What Is Active Guard In Clash of Clans?

Your Trophy League level affects how long your Village Guard is, ranging from 12 to 16 hours. Other players can’t attack your village when the Village Guard is active. You can continue to attack, but the timer will be reduced with each attack until it reaches zero, allowing other players to attack your village again.

What Is A Shield Cooldown In Clash of Clans?

Every purchased shield has a cooldown time; the longer the shield lasts, the longer the cooldown period. The 2-hour Village Guard has a 23-hour cooldown. This was added to keep people from staying shielded indefinitely by continuously buying shields.

What Does Guard Button Do In Clash of Clans?

The middle button controls whether the Hero is in “Guard” or “Sleep” mode on the hero pedestal. When you toggle it to “Guard,” the Hero will defend your village when you are away.

Can Clan Castle Treasury Be Looted?

The Treasury is not subject to the loot penalty. This means players of higher Town Halls can steal a flat 3% of a player’s Treasury.

Can You Join A Clan After Being Kicked Out Clash of Clans?

If a player has been kicked out of a Clan, they must wait for 24 hours before joining another Clan. If a request to join has been denied, another 24  hours must be waited before sending a new request to join a different Clan. The wait time was established to prevent players from harassing Clans and other players.

How Does Clash of Clans Rank War Bases?

The bases are ordered from highest to lowest strength. Trophies, attacking strengths, and base layouts have no influence on the order of bases. The highest-strength war bases are at the top of the war map.

Is Clash of Clans Will Be Remove In 2022?

Clash of Clans is not facing removal from iPhone (iOS) and Android in 2022. The Clash of Clans app will still be playable on supported smartphones and tablets, as no delisting will occur. However, support for Clash of Clans is ending for iPhone and Android users running outdated OS versions.

Does Giga Tesla Affect War Weight?

Going to Town Hall 12 will hurt you in regular wars because you gain so much weight from the Giga Tesla but don’t gain the corresponding strength to balance it.

Does War Weight Matter In Clash of Clans?

Every building, except for decorations, gold mines, elixir collectors, storage, and other structures that do not affect your battle performance, affects your war weight somehow. However, some things weigh more than others. Generally, your defense weighs more than your offense (troop, spell, and hero levels).

What Is War Weight?

Weight is the number value assigned by Supercell to all Troops, Spells, Heroes, Traps, Walls, and Defenses in Clash of Clans. Upgrading any of these items increases their weight. Your Base Weight is the added weight of every Troop, Spell, Hero, Trap, Wall, and Defense in your Base.

How Long Does It Take To Get Town Hall 10?

On average, a player would take around eight to ten months to max Town Hall 10 entirely, provided that the player is very active, has four or more builders, and plays Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

How Do You Kick An Inactive Leader In Clash of Clans?

If an inactive leader is demoted to co-leader, only the new leader can kick the old leader from the Clan.

How Do You Get A Shield In Clash of Clans?

The most common way to obtain a shield is by being attacked. Defending your village against an enemy attack can provide a free shield. However, the time of the shield varies according to the destruction percentage. At 30% destruction, a 12-hour shield is awarded. Shields | Shields | Clash of Clans – House of Clashers.

What Do Villagers Do In Clash of Clans?

Villagers are the dress-clad women that wander around the village, jumping over Walls (sometimes going through them) and interacting with obstacles and buildings. They will sometimes enter the Town Hall or Builder Hall, leave again, clap at random buildings and obstacles, or even call others to come out.


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