How Do You Get Super Troops Clash Of Clans?

How Do You Get Super Troops Clash Of Clans?

Are you ready to take your Clash of Clans game to the next level? If you want to boost your army’s power and dominate your opponents, you need to unlock the elusive Super Troops. These game-changing units can potentially turn the tide of any battle, but acquiring them requires strategic planning.

This guide reveals the secrets to obtaining Super Troops in Clash of Clans. From understanding the Super Troop system to unlocking and upgrading them, we’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to know.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player looking for an edge or a newcomer seeking to level up quickly, join us as we delve into the world of Super Troops and discover how to unleash their full potential. Get ready to dominate the battlefield and rise to the top of the Clash of Clans leaderboard!

What are Super Troops?

Super Troops are a special unit in Clash of Clans that are more powerful versions of existing troops. They possess unique abilities and can significantly enhance your attacking strategies. By deploying Super Troops, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents and increase your chances of victory.

Super Troops are unlocked through the Super Troop system, temporarily allowing you to upgrade specific troops to their Super versions. Each troop has its own Super version, such as Super Barbarian, Super Archer, Super Wall Breaker, etc.

These Super Troops have enhanced stats, increased damage, and special abilities, making them formidable battlefield forces.

Benefits of Super Troops

Unlocking and utilizing Super Troops can provide various benefits in Clash of Clans. Here are a few advantages you can expect when using Super Troops:

  1. Increased Power: Super Troops have enhanced stats and abilities, making them more powerful than their regular counterparts. Deploying Super Troops can help you overpower enemy defenses and secure victories more easily.
  2. Versatility: Super Troops offer unique abilities that can be strategically used to your advantage. Whether it’s the Super Archer’s long-range attack, the Super Wall Breaker’s increased blast radius, or the Super Barbarian’s ability to spawn additional Barbarians upon death, these troops can be game-changers in specific situations.
  3. Surprise Factor: Super Troops are temporary upgrades, so opponents may not always expect them. You can disrupt their defense strategies and gain the upper hand by catching them off guard with these powerful units.
  4. Progression Boost: Unlocking and upgrading Super Troops can help you progress faster in the game. Their increased power can allow you to tackle higher-level challenges and earn more resources, ultimately accelerating your overall growth.

How to unlock Super Troops

Unlocking Super Troops in Clash of Clans requires a few essential steps. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Town Hall 11 Requirement: Super Troops become available once you reach Town Hall 11. Therefore, make sure you have upgraded your Town Hall to this level to unlock the Super Troop system.
  2. Dark Elixir: Super Troops are unlocked using Dark Elixir, a valuable resource in Clash of Clans. You’ll need to have a sufficient amount of Dark Elixir to activate and use Super Troops.
  3. Super Troop Potion: To unlock and use Super Troops, you’ll need to brew Super Troop Potions in your Laboratory. These potions temporarily upgrade your existing troops to their Super versions. Each Super Troop Potion lasts for a set duration, after which the troop reverts to its regular form.
  4. Training Queue: Once you’ve brewed a Super Troop Potion, you can activate it in your Training Queue. This will allow you to train Super Troops alongside your regular troops for a limited time. It’s important to note that Super Troops can only be trained while the corresponding Super Troop Potion is active.

Super Troop strategies and tips

Now that you understand how to unlock Super Troops, it’s time to explore some strategies and tips to make the most of these powerful units. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize your Super Troop potential:

  1. Experimentation: Try different combinations of Super Troops to find what works best for your playstyle. Each Super Troop offers unique advantages, and it’s important to experiment with various combinations to discover the most effective strategies.
  2. Synergy: Super Troops can synergize with regular troops, spells, and Heroes. Consider how Super Troops can complement your army composition and devise strategies that capitalize on their abilities. For example, pairing Super Wall Breakers with regular Wall Breakers can create devastating breaches in enemy defenses.
  3. Deploy Wisely: Since Super Troops have limited durations, it’s crucial to deploy them strategically. Save them for crucial moments in battles, such as breaking through heavily fortified defenses or taking down high-value targets. Using them at the right time can make a significant difference in the outcome of a battle.
  4. Resource Management: As Super Troops require Dark Elixir, managing this resource becomes essential. Prioritize upgrading Dark Elixir storage and collectors to ensure a steady supply of Dark Elixir for unlocking and training Super Troops.

Super Troop upgrade cost and time

Upgrading Super Troops in Clash of Clans involves both a cost and a time commitment. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading Super Troops:

  1. Dark Elixir Cost: Upgrading Super Troops requires Dark Elixir, which can vary based on the specific troop. Each Super Troop has a different cost, and higher-level upgrades may require more Dark Elixir. Plan your resource management accordingly to ensure you have enough Dark Elixir for upgrades.
  2. Upgrade Time: Upgrading Super Troops also takes time. The duration for each upgrade can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the troop and level. It’s important to factor in the upgrade time when planning your attack or defense strategies.
  3. Boosting: If you’re in a hurry to upgrade Super Troops, you can use Gems to boost the upgrade process. Boosting reduces the upgrade time, allowing you to unlock the enhanced abilities of Super Troops quickly. However, Gems are a premium currency, so use them wisely.

Clash of Clans events and Super Troop availability

Clash of Clans regularly features events providing players unique opportunities to acquire and utilize Super Troops. These events may offer discounted Super Troop upgrades, reduced brewing times for Super Troop Potions, or even exclusive Super Troops unavailable at other times.

Keeping an eye on events and participating in them can be a great way to enhance your Super Troop roster and progress in the game.

Clash of Clans updates and new Super Troops

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, frequently releases updates that introduce new Super Troops to the game. These updates aim to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, providing players with new exploration strategies.

Stay updated with the latest Clash of Clans news to learn about new Super Troops and their abilities. Incorporating these new units into your army composition can give you a competitive edge and surprise your opponents.

Frequently asked questions about Super Troops

  1. Can I use Super Troops in Clan Wars? Super Troops can be used in Clan Wars, just like regular troops. Deploying Super Troops strategically can provide a significant advantage over your opponents.
  2. Can I upgrade Super Troops while they are active? Yes, you can upgrade Super Troops even while they are active in your Training Queue. However, once the Super Troop Potion duration expires, the troop will revert to its regular form until you activate another Super Troop Potion.
  3. Can I use Super Troops in the Builder Base? No, Super Troops are exclusive to the Home Village in Clash of Clans. They cannot be used in the Builder Base.
  4. Can I donate Super Troops to clanmates? Yes, you can donate Super Troops to your clanmates, just like regular troops. However, keep in mind that the Super Troop duration will continue to decrease even while donated to others.
  5. Can I use Super Troops in the Clan Castle? Yes, Super Troops can be requested and received in the Clan Castle. They can provide additional firepower and versatility to defend your village against enemy attacks.


Super Troops are a game-changer in Clash of Clans, offering increased power, unique abilities, and new strategic possibilities. By understanding the Super Troop system, unlocking and upgrading these powerful units, and implementing effective strategies, you can dominate the battlefield and rise to the Clash of Clans leaderboard.

Remember to experiment with different combinations of Super Troops, deploy them strategically, and manage your resources wisely. With dedication and skill, you’ll become a formidable force in the Clash of Clans universe.

Good luck, Chief!

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