How Do You Get Pets In Clash Of Clans?

In this article, we will teach you all about getting pets in Clash of Clans.

What is a Hero Pet?

Hero Pets are powerful units in Clash of Clans that can help your heroes in battle. The Pet House (aka the “Pets Shop”) is where you can buy or make these Hero Pets. When you upgrade your Pet House, a new Hero Pet becomes available.

It takes some time before you can use your newly unlocked Hero Pet. To speed up things, you should level up your Town Hall to Level 14 first to place the Pet House building immediately.

A Hero Pet is an upgraded version of a normal troop unit. Each Hero Pet has its unique ability/skill. For example, Mighty Pets can heal nearby friendly troops, while the trustiest hound can slow down enemies. Some Hero Pets also provide buffs to other troops, such as the Unicorn, which increases the damage done by nearby troops.

A Hero Pet costs fewer resources compared to a normal troop. However, due to their powerful abilities, they tend to be more expensive to build than normal troops. Also, unlike normal troops, Hero Pets cannot be used to defend your base against attackers.

How do I unlock a Hero Pet?

To unlock a Hero Pet, upgrade your Town Hall to Level 14 and place the Pet House building. After that, tap on the Hero Pet option under the Troops menu. This unlocks a special shop called the Pet Shop, where you can purchase or make a Hero Pet.

The Pet Shop starts with three basic Hero Pets – Mighty Pets, trusty hounds, and unicorns. These Hero Pets come pre-built into the game and are unavailable through the Pet Shop. If you want to add another Hero Pet to your collection, you must return to the Pet Shop and re-buy it using Gems or Gold coins.

What are the requirements for unlocking a Hero Pet?

There are no specific requirements for unlocking a Hero Pet. As mentioned earlier, you need to upgrade your Town Hall to Level 14 and place the Pet House building.

Is there any limit on how many Heroes I can have at once?

No, there isn’t any limit to the number of Heroes you can have at one time. However, only 4 Hero Pets can be deployed at the same time. So, if you want to deploy 5 Hero Pets simultaneously, you would need to wait until you obtain another Hero Pet from the Pet Shop.

Are Hero Pets better than regular troops?

Yes, Hero Pets are much stronger than regular troops. They usually have higher attack power and health points compared to regular troops. Therefore, they can destroy most enemy troops easily.

Can my Hero Pets attack enemy heroes’ buildings?

Hero Pets can be deployed along with their corresponding heroes during battles. When deployed next to an enemy hero, your Hero Pets can attack his structures.

However, you should note that Hero Pets don’t work well when attacking enemy heroes because their attacks are weak. Instead, focus on destroying enemy bases instead of attacking enemy heroes.

Does it cost anything to keep a Hero Pet?

No, Hero Pets don’t cost anything to maintain. However, since they’re quite strong, they require a lot of resources to build. Therefore, you might consider saving extra gold coins before purchasing a new Hero Pet.

What happens if my pet dies?

If your pet dies, you won’t lose it permanently. You can summon it again later. However, you may find that your pet doesn’t resurrect very often. This is because your pet needs to regain energy before being able to revive itself. Once your pet reaches full energy, it will automatically revive itself.

How long does it take to train each Hero Pet?

Each Hero Pet requires between 2 and 10 hours to train fully. This depends on the difficulty setting chosen. On lower difficulties, it takes longer to train your Hero Pets compared to harder difficulties.

What are the benefits of having Hero Pets?

Having Hero Pets gives you access to powerful units that can complement your existing army. Since Hero Pets are weaker than regular troops, they shouldn’t be used directly to defend your base against attackers.

Instead, it would be best if you always tried defeating the enemy army before deploying your Hero Pets. Once you win the battle, you can quickly send your Hero Pets to finish off the remaining troops.

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