How Do I Get More Gems In Clash Of Clans?

How Do I Get More Gems In Clash Of Clans?

Are you tired of constantly running out of gems in Clash of Clans? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Gems play a crucial role in this popular mobile game, allowing players to speed up construction, purchase resources, and even unlock special features.

But the question remains: how can you get more gems without breaking the bank? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore some tried-and-tested strategies to help you accumulate gems in Clash of Clans. From completing achievements, clearing obstacles, participating in events, and joining a clan, we will uncover the secrets to maximizing your gem count.

So, grab your battle gear and get ready to level up your Clash of Clans game with a treasure trove of gems!

What are gems and why are they important in Clash Of Clans?

Gems are the premium currency in Clash of Clans and hold significant value in the game. With gems, players can expedite the construction of buildings, train troops faster, purchase resources, and even acquire unique items.

Gems are essential for progressing quickly and efficiently in Clash of Clans, giving you an edge over opponents. While gems can be obtained through in-app purchases, there are several ways to earn them without spending real money. The following sections will discuss various methods to accumulate gems and maximize your gaming experience.

Ways to earn gems in Clash Of Clans

Gem mine and gem boxes

One of the primary ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans is through the gem mine and gem boxes. The gem mine is a building that generates gems over time. You can upgrade the gem mine to increase its production rate, allowing you to accumulate more gems.

Also, gem boxes randomly spawn in your village, containing a certain number of gems. Keep an eye out for these boxes and collect them whenever they appear. While the gem mine and gem boxes provide a steady source of gems, they may not be sufficient for players who require a larger quantity. That’s where other methods come into play.

Completing achievements and clearing obstacles

Another effective way to earn gems in Clash of Clans is by completing achievements and clearing obstacles. Achievements are specific goals that you can accomplish while playing the game. These goals can range from reaching a certain trophy count to upgrading specific buildings.

As you complete your achievements, you will be rewarded with gems. Additionally, obstacles such as trees, bushes, and rocks can be found throughout your village. Clearing these obstacles not only enhances the aesthetics of your village but also rewards you with gems. Watch for obstacles and achievements, as they can significantly contribute to your gem count.

Gem donations and clan games

Joining a clan in Clash of Clans opens up new opportunities to earn gems. Clan members can donate gems to each other, providing a valuable resource for your progression. You can earn additional gems as rewards by actively participating in clan wars and clan games.

Clan games involve completing various challenges and tasks collectively, and the rewards often include gems. Make sure to contribute to your clan’s success to reap the benefits of gem donations and clan games.

Participating in events and challenges

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, frequently organizes events and challenges for players to participate in. These events often offer gems as rewards for completing specific tasks or achieving certain milestones.

Keep an eye on the in-game news and events tab to stay updated on the latest opportunities to earn gems. Participating in these events provides a chance to earn gems and adds excitement and variety to your Clash of Clans gameplay.

Using in-app purchases to acquire gems

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to acquire gems, in-app purchases are an option. Clash of Clans offers gem packs you can purchase with real money. While this method instantly boosts your gem count, it’s important to exercise caution and set a budget to avoid overspending.

In-app purchases should be seen as a supplementary method rather than the sole means of obtaining gems.

Tips to maximize gem earnings in Clash Of Clans

Now that we have explored different ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans, let’s discuss some tips to maximize your gem earnings:

  1. Prioritize achievements: Focus on completing achievements that offer significant gem rewards. Plan your gameplay and strategies around achieving these goals.
  2. Clear obstacles regularly: Make it a habit to clear obstacles in your village whenever they appear. This will earn you gems and create space for new buildings and decorations.
  3. Participate actively in clan games: Clan games are a great way to earn gems while collaborating with your clan mates. Take part in these events and contribute towards your clan’s success.
  4. Stay updated on events: Keep an eye on the in-game news and events tab to stay informed about upcoming events and challenges that offer gem rewards.
  5. Use gems wisely: Avoid spending gems impulsively. Save them for crucial upgrades or to speed up time-sensitive processes.
  6. Consider gem mine upgrades: Investing in gem mine upgrades can increase the production rate of gems over time, providing a steady source of this valuable currency.

By following these tips, you can maximize your gem earnings and progress faster in Clash of Clans.


Gems are a valuable resource in Clash of Clans, allowing players to accelerate their progress and unlock various features. While in-app purchases offer a quick way to acquire gems, there are several methods to earn them without spending real money.

From utilizing the gem mine and clearing obstacles to completing achievements, participating in events, and joining a clan, these strategies can help you accumulate gems and enhance your gaming experience. Remember to use gems wisely and prioritize your goals to maximize this precious currency.

So, gear up, strategize, and embark on a gem-filled journey in Clash of Clans!

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