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What Is The Fastest Way To Get Gold And Elixir In The Builder Base?

Who gets the most stars or, in case of a draw, the highest percentage of destruction on the rival village receives the reward that results in large amounts of free Gold and Elixir. The bonus of gold and elixir varies according to the number of trophies you have won: more trophies, more loot won.

What Is The Point Of Farming In Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, farming is the term for looking at bases to collect as much loot as possible, often while using as few resources as possible.

How Is Loot Cart Calculated?

Reward Calculation The reward is based on the amount of loot lost on defense. If the cart is empty when you are attacked, the cart will offer you 20% of the Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir stolen on the last defense. Loot Cart | Clash of Clans – Home Village – House of Clashers.

How Do You Get A Lot Of Gold And Elixir In Clash of Clans?

The best way to earn fast gold and elixir is by raiding leagues you’ve already powered through. Gold and elixir don’t become an incredibly valuable resource until later in the game after you’ve already established a large base and plenty of army stacks.

Should I Trophy Push-In Clash of Clans?

And there isn’t a right or wrong way of playing the game. If you trophy push, there isn’t anything wrong with it because it is a feature in the game. And if you don’t want to trophy push, it isn’t bad because you are a different player.

What Is The Shovel Used For In Clash of Clans?

Using a Shovel of Obstacles will allow you to move a single obstacle anywhere on the map! Now you can start organizing your Pumpkins into a pumpkin patch or turn your X-Mas trees into a forest tribute of years past. Two New Magic Items are on the Way! | Clash of Clans.

Can You Demote Yourself Clash of Clans?

No, a co-leader can’t demote a leader and promote himself to a leader; it is evident because a leader only should have the power to make any other person leader.

How Do You Sell A Clash of Clans Account?

There is no official way of selling your clans of clans account. Your account can even be banned if you try to sell it. But the people who do sell their account need to give their buyers the Gmail ID with which the game is linked.

Can I Send Gems In Clash of Clans?

No, gems can’t be transferred. You can buy gifts for your clan on special occasions.

Why Won’t Clash of Clans Let Me Buy Gems?

You can go to your settings menu to see that in-app purchases are turned on. If so, try quitting the game and restarting it. If you are having trouble buying gems on an Android device, check to ensure that you are logged in using a valid Google account. You should also update our Play Store app. What to do when you are Having Trouble. – Tom’s Guide Forum.

Can Healers Heal Dragons?

Healer Explained Healer is an air unit with moderate health capable of healing other troops. Her ability to heal affects a small area (1.5 tiles), making “heal splash” to all troops in this area. She can only heal other ground units, so she will not heal Dragons, Lava Hounds, Balloons, or any other air unit.

Can Healers Heal Pekka?

Yes, healers can heal pekkas. They can heal any ground unit; however, whether or not they can heal a Pekka enough to keep them alive long enough to destroy 50% of a base depends on the base.

What Happens If You Don’t Play Clash of Clans For 100 Days?

If you don’t play Coc for one year, there will be objects all-around your Coc base. Your treasury will be empty. Your gold mines, elixir collector, and dark elixir collector all will be empty. You might get demoted by 2 or 3 levels in your league.

What Happens If You Don’t Play Clash of Clans For 90 Days?

You only lose Leader status if you don’t play the game for 90 days. Even if you are inactive for a long time, you will receive screen notifications encouraging you to log in and manage your clan again. This happens well before a new Leader is appointed. Inactive Clan Leader | Supercell Support Portal.

Is Clash of Clans Generator Safe?

No, it’s not safe people can use that by hacking into your account.

What Is Vacant Tomb In Clash of Clans?

During Halloween in 2020, the Vacant Tomb could spawn. It resembles a dug-up coffin with an ajar lid, a lantern, and a shovel next to it. When tapped, a translucent skeleton flies out of the coffin and disappears.

How Do You Get A Shovel In Clash of Clans?

The Shovel of Obstacles is commonly obtained for free on Clan Games and Season Challenges. However, it might appear randomly on the Daily Discounts barrack for 500 Gems and special packages at the shop costing real money.

Can You Change Your Location On Clash of Clans?

To change the global setting, you must change the language of your clash of the clan gaming account. The process is easy, but you should remember which button to type next time because you may not understand what to do on the earth now!

What Backend Does Clash of Clans Use?

For Clash of Clans, all client code is written in Objective-C and C++, and server code is in Java. The graphics are produced using 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Flash.

How Long Does It Take To Max Out TH7?

Generally, a player with three or more builders can max out the entire TH7 base in around one to two months.

What Should I Upgrade First At Town Hall 7?

Your first order of business is to unlock those quick things. This includes Cannons, Archer Towers, Traps, Walls, Barracks, and Army Camps. Do not upgrade these right now. After that, you want to get your buildings upgraded.

How Long Does It Take To Upgrade From Town Hall 7 To 8?

If you have all five builders and are willing to use gems to upgrade buildings, it won’t take too long to max your village up to town hall 8. With all five builders and fully addicted to the game, you can max out town hall 8 of your village in about 3-4 months.

What Is Max Town Hall 8?

Max Levels of Buildings in Town Hall 8 The data in the table can be summarized as Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors having a max level of 12. The max level of the Barracks is ten, while the max level of Gold Storages and Elixir Storages is 11. Army Camps and the Laboratory have a max level of 6.

When Should I Upgrade My Town Hall?

Suppose you reach a point where you have completed all building and wall upgrades, and your storages are full of Gold and Elixir whilst waiting for the hero and laboratory upgrades to complete. In that case, upgrading your Town Hall and completing the remaining upgrades is likely more efficient while ensuring no resources go to waste. When should you upgrade your Town Hall? – Clash Ninja.

What Level Does Barbarian King Go To At Town Hall 7?

This colossal menace soaks up vast amounts of damage. The Grand warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40. Both the archer queen and barbarian king can go to level 30.

Is Upgrading Walls Important In Clash of Clans?

Walls are essential for a successful defense. Considering the upgrade cost, it is usually helpful to upgrade the defenses. But try to upgrade both walls and defenses simultaneously. And make sure all walls are at the maximum possible level before upgrading the town hall.

What Level Do Hidden Teslas Go To At Town Hall 8?

Level 6 is the max level for the hidden tesla, mortar, air defense, and wizard tower at th8. What is maxed Tesla’s for townhall 8 | Fandom.

How Do I Create Supercell ID?

Setting up a Supercell ID is free and easy. Enter your game’s settings and tap the” Supercell ID” button to get started. You can find it in all Supercell games, and it’s also available in select games by partner developers. Supercell ID × Supercell.

What Do Creator Codes In Clash of Clans Do?

Clash of Clans creator codes allows fans to show their support for particular players or streamers by kicking them a little money every time those fans purchase at no additional cost. Codes work across all Supercell games, not just Clash of Clans but also the likes of Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.

Are Hybrid Bases Good In Clash of Clans?

Hybrid is when a base can do both, i.e., savings resources and stars. But these bases are not significant in each type. These are mainly used while pushing the league.

Can I Attack Myself In Clash of Clans?

You cannot attack your base in Clash of Clans.

How Can I Play Clash of Clans Offline?

There is no way to play the clash of clans game offline. It is a multiplayer battle that requires an internet connection. Whenever you open the game, it connects you to the Clash of Clans server, but if there is no internet, it will not connect you to the coc server.

How Much Would It Cost To Max Out Clash of Clans?

After all this calculation, we concluded that you have to spend 20,141,123 Gems to max out clash of clans, and it costs $143857 to max out Clash of clans. How Much Would It Cost To Max Out Clash Of Clans (2022 ….

Why Do Villagers Clap In Clash of Clans?

Villagers often clap next to buildings and obstacles to worship them. You can use the Villagers’ clapping to identify the location of the Hidden Tesla, as the villagers will ‘approve’ nothing (which is a Hidden Tesla).

Is It Good To Rush In Clash of Clans?

Most people rush to unlock powerful troops and spells. Others have one rushed account and one maxed account so that the rushed account can donate powerful troops and spells. Some people rush because they believe it allows them to max Town Hall 13 faster than if they had maxed their base and research at each Town Hall.

Clash of Clans Siege Machine – How To Use

Can You Only Use One Siege Machine?

The Workshop is a building that constructs Siege Machines and special weapons carrying Clan Castle troops. Siege Machines cost Gold to build but are upgraded using Elixir. However, even though multiple can be kept in the Workshop simultaneously, only one Siege Machine can be used per battle.

Can You Use Your Own Siege Machine In Clash of Clans?

You cannot put your own troops in Siege Machines. Just donated troops are in the machines.

Why Can’t I Use My Siege Machine In Clash of Clans?

You can. You need to have the siege barracks and train a siege. If you don’t have siege barracks or at least town hall 10, you can max upgrade your clan castle to hold a siege.

Can You Use Siege Machine Without CC Troops?

No, the blimp would carry the troops. You can’t use both separately. In the new siege machines, it’s like a moving clan castle. When broken, it releases the cc (clan castle) troops, or you can switch and not use the siege machine and use regular clan castle troops. You can place one down and then use the other.

Do Siege Machines Trigger Clan Castle?

The Siege Machine releases the Clan Castle troops housed within it upon destruction.

Do Siege Machines Count As Donations?

Siege Machines can be built on Siege Workshop, which requires a Town Hall 12. However, Siege Machines can also be donated. Starting on Clan Castle level 6, which requires a Town Hall level 10, you can request your clanmate’s Siege Machines as donations.

What Happens If You Destroy Clan Castle Before Troops Come Out?

If the Clan Castle is destroyed when defending, any troops remaining inside will not deploy for the battle. However, they will still be safe otherwise. This can happen if the troops inside can’t target the units deployed.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Siege Machine?

Siege Machines Reduced Siege Machine training times are now flat at 20 minutes across all levels.

Does Battle Blimp Activate CC?

A battle blimp will drop little bombs below it and then releases cc troops when it hits the Town Hall. So yeah, it will trigger the Town Hall with those bombs or the cc troops attacking.

Can You Bring Two Siege Machines?

No! While the Siege Workshop can only be built by Town Hall 12 villages, Siege Machines can be donated to your Clanmates of Clan Castle level 6 or higher! With the release of Town Hall 12, there will be 2 Siege Machines available: the Wall Wrecker and the Battle Blimp.

Can Loot Be Taken From Treasury?

Only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen if an attacker destroys your Clan Castle, and if it’s not destroyed in an attack, the attacker will not steal any loot from it. You can view your stored loot by tapping “Treasury.” From here, you may also collect the stored loot. Treasury | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Long Does The Loot CART Stay?

Loot Cart now accumulates loot over time for up to 90 days, and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.

Which Language Has More Loot In Clash of Clans?

Which language is better for high loot in Clash of Clans? There is no such thing that changing language will give you more loot. This feature has been installed in the game to spread it worldwide.

How Long Does It Take To Max Out A Town Hall 11?

On average, a player would take around eight to twelve months to max Town Hall 11 completely, provided that the player is very active, has four or more builders, and plays Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

What Order Do Troops Come Out Of CC?

Clan Castle troops are deployed in a specific order: Troops with the lowest housing appear first. If housing space is equal, a unit is selected randomly. If several levels of the same troop are in the Castle, the lowest-level troops appear first.

What Does Boosting Your Town Hall Do?

Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks new defenses, buildings, traps, and more.”

Can I AFK In Clash of Clans?

Basically, yes. The game has a 5-minute inactivity timer, after which you will be given a prompt to reload (presumably, you become vulnerable as soon as that prompt appears). clash of clans – Can I avoid attacks indefinitely by ….

What Is The Most Important Thing To Protect In Clash of Clans?

Storages – Unless you are designing a war base or a full-scale trophy push, your storages are an essential protection building. Of the storage, the most critical resource is dark Elixir.

How Long Do Villagers Need A Break?

If you play for more than 4 hours, you will be forced to stop playing for 6 minutes. During these 6 minutes, you allow other players to attack your base. After the 6 minutes, the personal break time will be reset. I hope this has helped you. Which is better, Minecraft or clash of clans – Minecraft ….

What Does A Hybrid Base Mean In Clash of Clans?

Hybrid bases intend to protect both the player’s trophies and resources simultaneously and are the most typical base type. As such, it draws aspects from both farming and trophy bases. Its destruction means both loss of trophies and the sizable amount of resources it holds.

What Is A Farming Base In Clash of Clans?

A base is used if you’re looking to protect and keep your loot as high as possible. If you’re saving up to upgrade your Town Hall, or something else, this will be the base for you. There is potential for a lot of trophy loss here, as you usually set your Town Hall outside, so people attack it for an easy win and then leave.

Are Hybrid Bases Suitable?

Hybrid is when a base can do both, i.e., savings resources and stars. But these bases are not great in each type. These are mainly used while pushing the league.

What Is The Best Defense In Clash of Clans?

At a low level, especially before significant involvement in Clan Wars, max Wizards are excellent defense troops if you have at least a level 2 Clan Castle. They do enormous splash ground/air damage to the baby troops you’ll be defending against at that point in the game.

What Is The Second Base For Clash of Clans?

The building base does nothing for your troops; it is only used for upgrading, which allows you to upgrade other buildings and build more towers. The laboratory is where you upgrade your troops. The base makes more defenses and upgrades, allowing you to upgrade your troops.

Why Are War Bases Different In Clash of Clans?

War Base is the base used as your base in Clan Wars. It is the base the Opponent Team has to defeat if they attack you(in Clan Wars). War Base is kept separate from your Home Village because you need to protect your Town Hall in Clan Wars while still having a Farming Base as your Home Village.

What Is The Builder Base?

The builder base was introduced in the May 2017 update and introduced a second village using several existing mechanics from the home base and some new ones.

What Are Engineer Bases?

Engineer bases are those bases that haven’t max their walls, defense, etc. Some people can’t buy walls, making their base without walls. Those bases are also called engineer bases.

What Increases War Weight In Clash of Clans?

The higher the war weight gets by upgrading strong defense like Xbows, the stronger opponents you and your Clan will get. When people upgrade their Town Hall to level 9, they often build the Xbows.

What Is A Trophy Base?

So basically, What is a trophy base? A base that is designed so that the opponent player or the attacker doesn’t get many trophies or sometimes doesn’t affect your base in any way. Generally, these types of bases are built to increase the trophies.

What Happens If You Tie In A Clan War?

The outcome of a Clan War is determined by whether Clan can get the most stars during the war or the destruction percentage if Stars are tied. If more than one player raids a given base, only the strongest attack will be counted toward your Clan’s final score. Clan War Results | Supercell Support Portal.

What Defense Should You Upgrade First In Clash of Clans?

Defenses, I recommend upgrading the new defenses right away (Town Hall 12: Giga Tesla, Town Hall 11: Eagle Artillery, Town Hall 10: Inferno Towers). However, this is an aggressive strategy to push and level up faster. These defenses heavily affect your base’s weight on Clan Wars, especially maxing out the Giga Tesla.

Do Walls Increase War Weight?

Buying and upgrading your walls and traps is a great idea, as they do not largely affect your war weight.

How Long Does It Take To Max Town Hall 10?

On average, a player would take around eight to ten months to max Town Hall 10 entirely, provided that the player is very active, has four or more builders, and plays Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

What Are The Red Troops In Clash of Clans?

Super Troops are special troops. Once activated, they can be trained in the Army training menu. Town Hall 11 is required to activate them, or you can receive them as a troop donation! Activating a Super Troop costs Dark Elixir, and you train it with the same resource as the regular version of the troop. What are Super Troops? | Supercell Support Portal.

How Much Health Does A Yeti Have?

Yeti are snow-furred creatures residing on Kori Island. They are extremely agile, tanky, strong, and have a much longer reach than other in-game foes. Yeti’s are also IMMUNE to headshots with the Rifle and the Pistol. They have 700 total HP and deal 23 damage per melee hit (115 damage per combo.)

What Should I Use Gems For In Clash of Clans?

An upgrading hero can cost over 1000 gems to finish, but a book of heroes costs 500 gems. This means you can save 50%. The other books, such as books on building, can be even more valuable, such as finishing the laboratory, clan castle, and spell factories at the start of each new Town Hall.

What Should I Spend My Gems On?

When you need to gather resources, use gems to boost your barracks, heroes, & spell factory. This will allow you to maximize your time playing to constantly raiding during a play session.

What’s The Best Troop To Upgrade In Clash of Clans?

In clash of clans, the PEKKA is the best choice for maxing out the first as it has the highest hitpoint amongst other troops and damage per second. So, without any thought, max out this troop if you can because upgrading this thing takes a lot of time and cost.

What Troops Should I Upgrade First?

Archers and barbarians are the easiest to upgrade and are described as Tier 1 troops. Giants and wall breakers are Tier 2, and so on. As you progress to higher Town Hall levels, upgrading troops becomes incredibly expensive.

Are Pekkas Worth Upgrading?

If Dragons or PEKKAs are helpful, then consider upgrading them.

What Is The Best Tank In Clash of Clans?

Golem. Clash of Clans’ premier meat shield, the Golem, is the best tank troop in the game for several reasons. Firstly, they are ground troops and are not susceptible to robust air defenses.

Should I Max Heroes Before Town Hall 11?

Should I max my heroes to 40 as my walls before upgrading to Town Hall11? You should try to max them, but IF you get bored, upgrade your Town Hall; there’s no point quitting the game just because of boredom, so your choice. Max everything before moving forward.

How Do You Increase Your Pets’ House In Clash of Clans?

Only one Pet can be upgraded at a time in the Pet House. A Book of Heroes or Book of Everything can skip their upgrade timers, while a Hammer of Heroes instantly upgrades a Pet without further costs.

What Is The Best Troop In The Builder Base?

Barb power: If splash damage didn’t exist, barbs would be the most substantial troop in the builder base. This is because Supercell needs to balance barbs to be effective in normal circumstances where splash damage defenses and mega mines threaten to wipe out entire packs of barbs at any moment.

What Is The Best Troop For Defense In Clash of Clans?

The best troops for defense are: Electro Drag – Nothing beats the electro drag. With incredibly high hit points, it is hard to kill quickly. Also, it is effective at taking out groups of troops such as Bowlers, Hog Riders, Valkyries and can even take out a medium-level Archer Queen from full health with a single hit.

Are Headhunters Worth It In Clash of Clans?

As defending Clan Castle troops, Headhunters are effective against attackers’ heroes, including the Grand Warden, regardless of whether he is set to Ground or Air mode. Even if no heroes are present, its ability to poison attacking troops makes it a valuable defense unit.

How Long Does It Take To Max Town Hall 9?

On average, a player can max Town Hall 9 completely in about four to six months, provided that the player is very active, has more than three builders, and always participates in Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

Should I Stay At Town Hall 9 Or Go To Town Hall 10?

But if you had to choose between Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10, I would say Town Hall 10 as the defenses get stronger (infernos) and the attack troops, too – witches and bowlers. And the extra ten levels of heroes allow for more powerful attacks.

Should I Max My Walls At Town Hall 9?

At max Town Hall 9, you must have at least level 9 walls done. After that, upgrading to lava walls (lvl10) is your choice. I would do it, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to go through the trouble.

Should I Max Walls Before Town Hall 10?

Do not go to th10 without all level 9 walls or max lab and buildings. It’s a big help if your walls and heroes are level 10 and above. It’s harder to farm once you’re at level 10 due to the loot penalty.

Should I Max Out My Walls Before Upgrading Town Hall?

Aim to upgrade your walls to at least level 9. Each upgrade at the higher Town Hall levels adds a substantial amount of HP, which will help with defending.

How Much Gold And Elixir Does It Take To Max Town Hall 9 Walls?

In Town Hall 9 bases, if all of your walls are level 8, you can use either Gold or Elixir to upgrade them to level 9 at the cost of 1,000,000 gold (or the same Elixir).

How Long Does It Take To Get Through Town Hall 9?

You can max out Town Hall 9 before 7 months, including everything.

How Long Is Town Hall 7?

On average, a player would take around one to three months to max Town Hall 7 completely, provided that the player is very active, has more than three builders, and participates in Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

Can You Sell Your Supercell Account?

Although Supercell doesn’t allow selling accounts, it is pretty simple. Just give the email in which your account is signed in with the password, and your buyer will be able to sign in to the account on his own phone.

What Is Supercell Creator Boost?

Creator Boost is a program initiated by Supercell to support its creators (on YouTube and Twitch) by providing them with a unique code that can be used by the players (worldwide) in-game. Village Edit Mode | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Do I Restore My Game Center?

1) Log into Game Center using the email address you initially connected to your account. Go to your device Settings > Game Center > Apple ID.

2) Once you’re logged into the correct Game Center/Apple ID, the game will prompt a message asking you to load the correct account.

How Do I Access Game Center?

Logging in to Game Center to check if you are signed in to Game Center, you should navigate to “Settings > Game Center” from this menu; you can either create a Game Center profile using an email account of your choice or log in to your existing account.

How Do You Get VS Battle Trophies In Clash of Clans?

It is similar to a one vs. one Clan War, as the number of stars is compared first, then the destruction percentage. You gain or lose Versus trophies by winning or losing Versus Battles, respectively.

How Do I Lower My Trophies In Clash of Clans?

Dropping Trophies: The most efficient way to drop Trophies is to start an attack and press ‘Next’ (but don’t release it), then drop one troop and quickly surrender. You will lose the match and Trophies but move on to the next one without returning to your village.

Is Trophy Pushing Worth It Clash of Clans?

It is also about how good you are attacking. Trophy pushing is useless if you are in a competitive clan that wars as often as possible because you can get better by attacking in war. But trophy-pushing might be the best for them if you are in a bad clan and don’t war often. Why do people below TH13 worry about their trophies? | Fandom.

What Rank Should A Town Hall 7 Be?

After a few raids and league jumps, I found out that it depends upon which type of resource you are farming for. If you want to farm dark elixir, then 1300-1500 is where you get it. If you are looking for gold and elixir, I recommend the 1100-1200 range of trophies.

Are Miners Good In Clash of Clans?

Miners are decent tanky Clan Castle troops that deal decent damage but do not burrow underground when defending.

How Do I Change My Email Address On Supercell?

First, you should know that there is no automated procedure to change the email address associated with the Supercell ID. If you can access the game account and want to change the email associated with it, you need to contact customer service via chat.

How Do I Switch Between Clash of Clans Accounts?

Go To Settings< Game Center< Log Out, Then Sign in with another account. After signing in with the other Game Center account, you will receive a confirmation message when you open Clash of Clans. Click Yes, then type CONFIRM, and the other account will be opened. You can switch back to the previous account by doing the same.

How Do I Stop Clash of Clans From Asking To Load?

If you know the details of your original account, you can switch it to settings > Game Center > Click on Apple ID > Sign out > Sign back in with the original Game Center account. However, if you click “Load,” another menu will pop up, and you’ll have to type in CONFIRM in the dialogue box provided.

Can I Start A New Clash of Clans?

You must first connect your current game to Supercell ID to start an entirely new game. To connect, open “Settings” and tap “Connect” under the Supercell ID heading. After this, you can start a new game: Open Settings.

How Do I Delete My Supercell Account?

It is pretty straightforward. Just go to settings and then click on supercell id green box showing connected, tap it, and then tap log out.

How Long Does Clash of Clans Support Take To Respond?

Wait for a reply. The support team may take up to 2-4 weeks to reply.

Can I Change My Email On Clash of Clans?

Yes, you can ask for help in the support menu under settings in Clash of Clans. When contacting support, mention that the article and information in the FAQs were not helpful. Send a clear message to support and answer all the questions needed to change the email.

How Do You Donate In Clash of Clans?

When you join a Clan, you can donate and request troops. You can do this by tapping on the “Request” button at the Clan Castle or the Barbarian button at the bottom of the Clan Chat. You can use these donated troops for attacking and defending in Multiplayer.

How Many Clash of Clans Accounts Are There 2021?

In April 2021, Clash of Clans was the most popular Android gaming app in the United States, with almost two million daily active users (DAU).

Do People Sell Clash Accounts?

No, Selling your Clash of Clans account is illegal, but you can give it for free.

Which Hero Should I Pair Lassi With?

Pairing up LASSI and the Royal Champion is a potent combination. The Royal Champion is a fast-moving hero; however, LASSI is faster and can stay ahead of the RC, attacking nearby targets.

How Do You Change Your Password In Clash of Clans?

Even if somebody else knows your password, which would be foolish on your part, and you should change it immediately, You can go into Clash of Clans and sign in requesting authentication. They will email you a new authentication code. Use it, and you will immediately have your account back.

How Do I Unlink My Supercell ID In Clash of Clans?

To unlink your Supercell ID, go to Settings -> Help and Support. Next, press the Lost Account button and then press Contact Us. Write a message to Supercell to unlink your account. After you send your message, within 24hrs, your account will become locked.

How Do I Opt Out Of Supercell ID?

It is pretty easy. Just go to settings and then click on supercell id green box showing connected, tap it, and then tap log out.

Can I Get My Clash of Clans Account Back?

If you can’t access the game, please email support at, and support will help you as soon as possible. If you have emailed them directly, you must include all the details and information about your village and your problem with the account. Recovering a lost village | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

Do Decorations Do Anything In Clash of Clans?

Decorations are purely aesthetic objects. They have no active purpose in the defense or production of your village.

What Does Old Barbarian Statue Do?

That old barbarian statue is treated like any other obstacle on your base. The figure grows grass patches around it, which you can cut and shape to create a piece of art on your base.

How Often Do Gem Boxes Spawn?

Gem box spawns in no specific order, but these “factors” could help you get more. Gem boxes have a high chance of spawning in 2 weeks’ time. Gem boxes spawn rate increases to 35% when your Gem count is 70, 170, 1700, 17000.

What Is Flowing Fountain In Clash of Clans?

What is the Flowing Fountain? The Flowing Fountain decoration is one of the many new items available through the Spring Update. If you have already acquired the Anniversary Fountain, expect something similar with green water and lacking that “S” mark at the top.

When Did The Glowy Lantern Come Out?

The Glowy Lantern was added for the 2019 CNY period. Notably, it is the first Builder Base special obstacle. Obstacles | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Many Christmas Trees Can You Have In Clash of Clans?

You can keep more than one each year and multiple trees spanning several years. The first picture shows the 2013 & 2015 Xmas trees. The second picture shows a 2014 Christmas tree with a 2014 Christmas present and a 2015 tree nearby. All of these are on the same account.

Who Is The Creator Of Clash of Clans?

Ilkka Paananen is the CEO and co-founder of Supercell, the Helsinki-based mobile games developer behind Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. Since its founding in 2010, Supercell’s games have remained in the global top 10 years after launching.

What Does The Hog Rider Say In Clash Royale?

His description in Clash Royale is based on the Clash of Clans commercial, Ride of the Hog Riders. It says: “Fast melee troop that targets buildings and can jump over the river. He followed the echoing call of “Hog Riderrrrr” through the Arena doors.”

How Do You Get A Pet In Clash of Clans?

Hero Pets are a brand new kind of unit in Clash of Clans. When you upgrade your Village to Town Hall 14, you’ll be able to unlock a brand new building: the Pet House. The Pet House is where you can manage your Hero Pets, upgrade them, and assign them to your Heroes. You can give one Pet to any Hero!

How Do I Not Get Attacked In Clash of Clans?

The best way to avoid collector raids in Clash of Clans is to keep your collectors empty. Checking in a couple of times a day and tapping collectors, even if you can’t raid, is an excellent way to keep the free loot the enemy can take from you to a minimum.

What Happens When You Get Raided In Clash of Clans?

If you raid anyone, you will lose your shield, and anyone can raid you. If you place your Town Hall outside your base, people will only attack that, and you will lose approximately five trophies, but you keep all your loot.

How Long Are Attacks In Clash of Clans?

Your Trophy League level affects how long your Village Guard is. When your village is attacked, your village gets a Shield for 12, 14, or 16 hours. Other players can’t attack your village when the Village Guard is active, but you can attack without shortening the Village Guard.

What Is the 4x Star Bonus In Clash of Clans?

During the current 4x Star Bonus event, you will earn four times the amount you usually earn from completing the Star Bonus! When you complete the Star Bonus, your earned loot will be deposited to your Treasury to be safeguarded in your Clan Castle.

How Do You Get a 4x Star Bonus In Clash of Clans?

Upgrading the Town Hall to level 4 or higher will provide a 4x Star Bonus boost for 3-5 days after the upgrade (depending on the Town Hall level). This will give the Town Hall a “boosted” aura; this is the only boost upon upgrading the Town Hall, which Magic Items cannot achieve.

Can Lightning Spell Destroy Inferno Tower?

Offensive Strategy A combination of Lightning Spells and a group of Minions may be the best way to get at the Inferno Tower if it is behind multiple Walls and defenses. Four level 4+ Lightning Spells will destroy a level 1 Inferno Tower.

Can You Destroy A Town Hall With Spells?

This spell cannot destroy a level 10 Town Hall, but its health can be pulled down to 1,275 hit points using 1 Earthquake Spell and 5 Lightning Spells. However, you can destroy a level 7 Town Hall with 1 level 3 Earthquake Spell and 4 level 6 Lightning Spells.

How Many Gems Do You Need To Get All 5 Builders?

A Builder’s Hut does not require a free Builder to build. The total cost of all five Builder’s Huts is 3,750 Gems.

What Is Clash of Clans World Championship?

The World Championship Finals will be a double-elimination bracket including the top 8 teams from Clash Worlds 2021: The 6 Golden Ticket winners through the year’s Monthly Qualifiers, plus the 2 Golden Ticket winners from the Last Chance Qualifier that will be held November 13th-14th.

How Long Does It Take To Max Town Hall 12 2021?

When a player has a gold pass, maxing the Town Hall 12 base will take around 8-10 months. If the player is very active in the game, it will take less than eight months to max the Town Hall 12 base.

How Do You Become A Creator On Clash of Clans?

You can apply for a creator code on the Supercell Creators Portal. You can sign in with your Supercell ID to begin the process. You will then be asked to link your Twitch or YouTube platforms (whichever has the most followers) to verify that you have at least 1,000 followers.

Can You Gift Stuff In Clash of Clans?

Your clan gift is sent automatically whenever you buy them from the Treasure store. Purchasing the gifts at the first opportunity is recommended if you want to share the gems with your clan. Currently, there is no other way to send gifts to another player in Clash of Clans.

How Often Should You Play Clash of Clans?

I play Clash of Clans for about 2 hours a day. If you love this game like me, you should not give it time for more than an hour. Just be sure to attack 3–4 times a day.

Do Collectors Add War Weight?

Your war weight in clan wars is determined by your defensive and offensive strength. Every building, except for decorations, gold mines, elixir collectors, storage, and other structures that do not affect your battle performance, affects your war weight somehow. Infinity323’s Strategy Guides/War Weight and X.5 | Clash

Does Town Hall 13 Have Giga Tesla?

The Giga Tesla is a defensive weapon fitted onto the level 13 Town Hall. It is implied that rather than a weapon change, it is like a direct upgrade for the Giga Tesla with a different appearance, like most defenses when upgrading to new levels.

How Much Does Barbarian King Cost?

The Barbarian King is the first hero unlocked at Town Hall level 7. He is a larger, stronger, more aggressive, impressive, and powerful Barbarian. He is automatically summoned once the Barbarian King Altar is constructed, which costs 5,000 Dark Elixir. So, the Dark Elixir Storage is required to get him.

How Is XP Calculated In Clash of Clans?

Experience is a numeric value based on performing various activities in-game such as completing achievements, upgrading buildings, donating troops, destroying Town Halls while raiding, etc. The more experience you earn, the higher your level becomes.

How Much XP Is A Level 14 Upgrade?

For many Level 13 players, your King Level will likely be upgraded to Level 14 when the update goes live! The XP required to go from Level 13 to 14 is 80000 — the same as Level 12 to 13.

Are Clan Games Every Month?

Clan Games are a monthly in-game event for Clash of Clans where players in a clan complete challenges to earn points and unlock rewards such as Magic Items and resources. Clan Games usually run from the 22nd to the 28th of each month. When are the next Clan Games? – Clash Ninja.

How Long Are Clash of Clans Clan Games?

All Clan Games tasks have been rebalanced to be completed in 1-5 attacks, with a maximum time limit of 24 hours. Most Clan Games tasks can be completed in a single attack, so the Clan Board will refresh more frequently to account for the more rapidly completed tasks.

Are Trophies Important In Clash of Clans?

There is a downside to having many trophies: trophy count is an essential factor in matchmaking. Thus, if you have many trophies, you’re going to get raided often by high-level players, and you’re likely to get matched up against challenging opponents.

What Is Achieve A Total Of 1250 Trophies In Multiplayer Battles?

For Sweet Victory, 1250 trophies give you 450 gems. You can win up to 59 trophies in an attack (if the opponent has 750 or more trophies than you) and up to 39 trophies from defending a failed attack.

Is Trophy Pushing Worth It Clash of Clans?

It is also about how good you are attacking. Trophy pushing is useless if you are in a competitive clan that wars as often as possible because you can get better by attacking in battle. But if you are in a clan that does not participate in war often, then trophy-pushing might be the best. Why do people below TH13 worry about their trophies? | Fandom.

Should I Farm Or Trophy Push Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, if you want to succeed in clan wars, you should farm and max your Town Hall and then go for trophies to get an idea of how strong your Town Hall is.

How Does Clash of Clans Calculate Trophies?

The number of Trophies available to steal is based on the Trophy difference between the attacker and defender. If you attack someone from a lower league, you will have only a few Trophies to steal and a lot to lose. If you attack someone with more Trophies than you, you will have many cups to steal. Trophies | Clash of Clans – Home Village | House of

How Many Trophies Should A Town Hall 4 Have?

Search for isolated Town Halls and use a few barbarians and archers to destroy them. This strategy is good for reaching 1250 trophies (Sweet Victory)! You receive 1/3 of the total trophies you can get from the defender.

When Did CWL Start?

The signup period for CWL usually starts on the 1st of each month at 08:00 UTC, and clans can sign up to that month’s league for two days. Once a clan is placed in a group, there is a preparation day followed by seven back-to-back war days. When are the next in-game events? – Clash Ninja.

Is Jungle Scenery Free For Town Hall14?

Jungle Scenery is the only scenery to be free once the player is at Town Hall level 14.

Can Builder Hut Be Upgraded?

When you upgrade to Town Hall 14, you unlock the ability to upgrade your Builders’ Huts. After years of having his creations smashed to kindling day after day, the Builder has finally decided to transform his humble abode into a tool for retaliation. Spring 2021 Update Sneak Peek #3 – This Time Builder Hits

How Many Builder Hut Levels Are There?

This way, you can build up or upgrade more buildings simultaneously. There are four new defensive builder’s hut levels, but once you upgrade them beyond level 2, the builder’s hut will become armed with a new defensive weapon. There are a total of 9 levels for Builder Hall.

Is Super Barbarian Worth It?

Like the Sneaky Goblin, the Super Barbarian can prove useful as a farming troop. While not necessarily as cost-efficient as Sneaky Goblins, they can be more versatile than Sneaky Goblins as an attack (having more potential to obtain 1-star and 2-star wins). They are still about as cheap as possible Barch strategies.

How Do You Get Super Giants In Clash of Clans?

The Super Giant is a Super Troop based on the Giant. It can be unlocked by boosting the Giant at least level 9. Boosting the Giant requires 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion, allowing the Giant to be boosted for three days. Super Giant | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

What Town Hall Can You Get Electro Dragons?

Despite the Electro Dragon’s electric theme, they are unlocked at Town Hall 11 and not at Town Hall 12 (though it was added in the Town Hall 12 update).

Should I Upgrade Wizard Tower Or Mortar?

Wizard Towers are more versatile. They do more DPS, attack faster, and target air, but they have a shorter range and are usually more expensive. However, Mortars have more damage per shot, making a Heal spell useless in some instances.

Should You Upgrade Wizard Towers?

Wizard Tower deals splash damage, so they are great against mass troops. Also, they do a great job in protecting your resources if you are farming and saving your resources to upgrade something costly. I would suggest you upgrade this first.

Should I Upgrade Archer Towers Or Cannons First?

I consistently upgraded my cheapest and fasters defensive buildings first. Archer Towers are better, but they take twice as long to upgrade. For example, if you have level 7 cannons and level 7 archer towers, you can upgrade two cannons while upgrading one archer tower (two days for cannons and four days for one archer tower).

What Happens If You Delete Clash of Clans And Redownload It?

It doesn’t matter if you remove the Clash of Clans app from mobile. Just reinstall and log in with the same ID. Your clash of clans will be back.

How Can I Change My Clash of Clans Scenery For Free?

It is purely decorative. You can switch between different Sceneries by tapping on your Town Hall and then tapping the “Change Scenery” button. You get the Classic Scenery by default.

How Do You Get Layouts In Clash of Clans?

Anyone who clicks on the link outside of the game will be taken to the game’s site, where they will have to open Clash of Clans to open the layout, then copy the design if they have a similar Town Hall or Builder Hall level. Village Edit Mode | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Can I Increase My War Weight?

The higher the war weight becomes by upgrading a strong defense like Xbows, the stronger opponents you and your clan will get. When people upgrade their Town Hall to level 9, they often build the Xbows.

How Do You Uncensor Chat On Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans has an optional profanity filter that prevents offensive or vulgar words in Clan chat. You can turn the filter on or off in the page (> more settings). Once the filter is turned on, it will use asterisks to star out words that are considered offensive.

Do Non Participants Get CWL Medals?

Everyone enrolled on the roster will receive League Medals at the end of the League. Bonus League Medals can be awarded to anyone enrolled in the War Leagues, whether they attack or not, even if they leave or get kicked out of the Clan.  Clan War Leagues FAQ | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

Does Supercell Give Free Gems?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you free gems as that would not be fair to other Clashers. However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game: Earn Gems by completing achievements. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village.

Can You Rejoin A Clan After Being Kicked Out Clash of Clans?

Unfortunately, we cannot restore Clan members to a Clan they were kicked out of. The best defense here is to promote with care. Of course, it’s never nice if players abuse their authority, but there aren’t any rules against this.  Offensive Members in Clan | Supercell Support Portal.

How Many Gem Boxes Can You Have At Once?

The Gem Box is a mysterious box packed with gems! You can only have one gem box at any time in a village.

Do Trophies Reset In Clash of Clans?

The victory counters automatically reset when the season ends or if your trophy count drops under 300. You will be grouped with up to 100 players at a time in your league to help you gauge your progress.  Trophy Leagues | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

Can You Ungear A Cannon?

Will I be able to switch between the single and double cannon after I gear up on my village base? Yes, you can choose between the two modes, normal and burst.

Is Battle Machine A Building?

Unlike heroes before Hero Skins, except the Royal Champion, the Battle Machine has the most level upgrade differences. Also, a Book of Building can be used on the Battle Machine, though only while being rebuilt or upgraded.

How Do You Get The Battle Machine Statue In Clash of Clans?

*NOTE: The Battle Machine Statue was only available through the Monument-al Pack, costing $4.99 (or equivalent). This pack also gave the player 2 Clock Tower Potions and 1,800,000 each of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.

How Do You Skip Time In Clash of Clans?

There is no other way or option to skip the time in the game. If you want to have fun in the game by having infinite gems and stuff like that, you should try a Clash of Clans private server.

How Does Rune Of Dark Elixir Work?

Rune of Dark Elixir “Seemingly providing an endless stream of Dark Elixir, this magical item allows you to completely fill your Dark Elixir Storages in the Home Village.” The Rune of Dark Elixir fills the Dark Elixir Storage of your Home Village. It can be purchased for 3,000 Gems and sold for 50 Gems.  Runes | Magic Items | Clash of Clans – Home Village

Can You Use 2 Builder Potions At Once?

No, magic item effects do not stack. If you use two potions, it will last twice as long, not twice as fast. The second one you use will override the first one. If you use multiple resource potions, only their durations will stack, not the number of resources generated.

Can You Boost Builders Twice?

You can use them all at once, and they’ll give you three consecutive hours of boost.

Can You Stack Builder Boost?

No, they don’t stack. They do, however, last longer.

Can You Appeal A Clash of Clans Ban?

If you find yourself banned from Clash of Clans, you can appeal. Make sure to follow these steps to ensure you get your account back. Supercell doesn’t very usually restrict accounts. When it does, it is generally due to a pretty serious offense.

Why Was My Clash of Clans Account Banned?

Another big reason for bans is players gain an unfair advantage. Our games are competitive by nature, and trying to gain the upper hand through foul play, such as 3rd party software, account sharing, or fraud, is not allowed.

How Do I Contact Supercell Customer Service?

Please email or contact us directly through in-game support by going to Settings > Help & Support and tapping “Contact Us” in the upper right-hand corner.

How Do You Get A Refund On Clash of Clans?

If you purchased your Android device, contact Supercell and ask for a refund. To request a refund, you may contact Supercell directly or via email. Alternatively, you may use the settings option to contact Supercell’s Help & Support.

What Happens If You Report A Player In Clash of Clans?

Only one report can’t do anything, but more than ten reports will cause a temporary ban. In some cases, these repeated reports can ban a player permanently.

Are Witches Good In Clash of Clans?

Witches are an excellent troop for defense in lower Town Halls and are suitable for an attack in Town Hall 10 and above, where they can be used with bowlers for funneling and distracting defenses.

What Race Is Hog Rider?

The Hog Rider is a dark-skinned man with a black mohawk and beard. He also has a gold earring in his right ear and sports two heavy golden wristbands, a red belt, and a brown loincloth. The Hog Rider’s hammer has two brass bands. At level 3, his hammer increases in size and turns black.  Hog Rider | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Do You Get Magic Books In Clash of Clans?

There are six ways to obtain Magic Items: by achieving certain reward tiers in Clan Games and Season Challenges, by completing objectives in certain Events, by buying them through Clan War League Medals, by purchasing them through the Trader, or by buying them in the shop for real money. Magic Items | Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom.

How Do You Get A Book Of Buildings?

Book of Building can be applied to any building and any traps. However, it cannot be used for Hero upgrades or upgrades within the Laboratory. It can be purchased for 925 Gems and sold for 50 Gems.  Books | Magic Items | Clash of Clans – Home Village ….

How Many Times Can You Use The Hammer Of Building?

How often you can purchase each Magic Hammer is limited by a 7-day cooldown. All Magic Hammers purchased in the League Shop are delivered instantly. However, the purchase starts a 7-day cooldown, preventing you from buying the same hammer twice in the same week.

When Should I Use Book Of Everything?

Books of everything are wild card books that you can use to skip anything. I recommend either heroes, troops, or buildings as their primary role, using one depending on the situation at hand.

Can We Use Book Of Everything On Heroes?

If a player has an ongoing Hero upgrade and has both a Book of Everything and a Book of Heroes, the player can only use the Book of Heroes to finish the upgrade. The Book of Everything will not be available for said upgrades unless the player has no Book of Heroes to use on Hero upgrades.

How Do You Get More Potions In Clash of Clans?

Potions can always be purchased at the League Shop using Gems. Potions will also occasionally appear at the Daily Discounts barrack, where they can be bought with Gems. However, you can still obtain Potions without spending money or Gems when they are awarded on Clan Games or special events.  Potions | Magic Items | Clash of Clans – Home Village

How Do You Check Potions In Clash of Clans?

Magic Items you have won will be stored in your Treasury – look for the new “Magic Items” button in the Clan Castle to view your complete inventory of Books and Potions! Magic Items can’t be looted from your Treasury, but you can only hold a limited number of items simultaneously.  Introducing: Magic Items! – Clash of Clans.

Can The Hammer Of Building Upgrade Heroes?

The Hammer of Building is a hammer that can instantly upgrade any building in either the home village or builder base. It can be applied to any building, as well as any traps. However, it cannot be applied to Hero upgrades or upgrades within the Laboratory.  Books | Magic Items | Clash of Clans – Home Village ….

What Is Cooldown Clash of Clans?

Purchased shields have a cooldown period. This was added to keep people from staying shielded indefinitely by continuously buying shields. Every purchased shield has a cooldown time; the longer the shield lasts, the longer the cooldown period. The 2-hour Village Guard has a 23-hour cooldown.

Are Builder Potions Worth It Clash of Clans?

It all depends on your Town Hall level. Let’s say you are a Town Hall 8, where the longest upgrade takes five days. Buying a builder potion is more effective as it boosts all your upgrades and finishes them faster.

Are Builder Potions Better Than Hammers?

If we compare the hammer of heroes, the builder potion wins by a landslide (45*5.5 = 247.5 hours) vs. the hammer of heroes 168 hours. In fact, with a gold pass, the hammer only saves 136 hours which is almost half as efficient as builder potions for the same cost.

Where Can I Buy Potions In Clash of Clans?

Potions occasionally appear at the Daily Discounts barrack, where they can be bought with Gems or randomly given for free. Potions can also be purchased with gems in the League Shop or earned from special events and monthly Clan Games.

Does Super Potion Work In Clan War?

The Super Potion is a new Magic Item that lets you boost a Super Troop instead of spending the required Dark Elixir. Each Super Potion will boost a Super Troop for three days. Super Potions will be available as a reward from Clan Games and sold at the Trader for 300 Gems.

How Many War League Medals Do You Get?

The maximum number of League Medals each member can get is 346. If a member got 3 Stars, he would get 50% of this bonus, 173 League Medals. If a member got ten stars, he would get 100% of the bonus, 346 League Medals. Clan War Leagues | Clash of Clans – Home Village | House

How Do I Get My Old Clash of Clans Back On My iPhone?

When you’ve switched from one device to another, fire up Clash of Clans on your new phone, tap settings and log in to your Supercell ID. You’ll enter your email address, get a unique six-digit code from Supercell and enter that on your phone. Your village will be restored in all its splendor.

How Do I Recover My Clash of Clans Account From Game Center?

You must first download and install the application on your device to retrieve a Clash of Clans account. As soon as you launch the game, click on the gear in the northwest corner of your screen. You will be given a settings window with options to recover your account.

How Do I Recover My Clash of Clans From Facebook?

If your game is linked to Game Center / Google+, log in to your old account and open up Clash of Clans. It should prompt you to restore your old village.

How Can I Search A Player In Clash of Clans By Name?

Clash of Clans does not have a player search feature and likely never will. You’ll need to use Facebook or Game Center to add friends to your clan.

Can I Log Into Clash of Clans With Facebook?

While we know that logging in through Facebook was a great feature to play together with your friends, unfortunately, due to technical reasons, Facebook Login will expire soon since they cannot continue to support the feature.

How Do I Log Into Clash of Clans Without A Supercell ID?

Enter settings, tap on the button under the “Supercell ID,” and tap on “Log out” in Supercell ID options. The game will restart, and you will now see a menu on the loading screen. Tap “Play without Supercell ID.” The account from your Google or Game Center account will now load.

How Long Does It Take For A Clash of Clans Account To Be Deleted?

Clash clans account deletion requests may take anywhere from 3 to 14 days to process, depending on the status of your request. You are allowed to delete your account on only one device.

How Do I Recover My Clash of Clans Password?

You can go into Clash of Clans and sign in requesting authentication. If somebody else knows your password, you should change it immediately. After receiving a new authentication code, you can sign in to your account.

How Can I Contact Supercell?

Please email or contact them directly through in-game support by going to Settings > Help & Support and tapping “Contact Us” in the upper right-hand corner.

Will Clash of Clans Be Removed From The App Store?

Clash of Clans is not facing removal from iPhone (iOS) and Android in 2022. The Clash of Clans app will still be playable on supported smartphones and tablets, as no delisting will occur. However, support for Clash of Clans is ending for iPhone and Android users running outdated OS versions.

How Do I Transfer My Clash of Clans Account To Another Phone 2021?

If you link your village from one Android device to another Android Device, try out the Google Play Guide located under the Google+ User Guide. Use the device code provided on your OLD DEVICE and enter it on your NEW DEVICE.

What Is The Purple Spell In Clash of Clans?

The Rage Spell creates a five tiles radius purple ring on the battlefield that boosts movement speed and damages all troops inside. Healers have the healing increased by the same amount.

How Do I Add Another Clash of Clans Account To My iPhone?

All you need to do is to get the app and open it. After the Clash of Clans app has been opened, go to the game “Settings” and sign in to the second account you wish to load. You now have 2 Clash of Clans accounts running simultaneously.

What Is Book Of Everything In Clash of Clans?

The Book of Everything allows the player to instantly complete any ongoing upgrade in either village. It combines the other four books and is versatile enough to apply to any upgrade. The Book of Everything is sold for 50 Gems.

How Do Heroes Work In Clash of Clans?

Hero units are the most powerful troops in the game. They are immortal, meaning you only have to train them once. However, if defeated, they may have to regenerate to fight again.  Micah Martins 4 July Strategy Guides/Micah’s Newbie Guide

How Do You Get King In Clash of Clans?

The Barbarian King is the first hero to unlock at Town Hall level 7. The king is more robust, oversized, and powerful than the Barbarian troops. Once construction has been completed of the Barbarian King Altar, the king is automatically summoned. A Dark Elixer Storage is needed before the king can be called since the Altar will cost 5,000 Dark Elixer to build.

Which Hero Should I Upgrade Clash of Clans?

Upgrade king if you need a tanky unit in your raid. Upgrade queen if you use a lot of tanks or have enough of them. The players asking about the grand warden will already have enough knowledge about what to upgrade next.

How Do You Unlock The Queen In Clash of Clans?

The Archer Queen is unlocked when you build the Archer Queen Altar after reaching Town Hall level 9. The Altar costs 40,000 Dark Elixir.

Is Grand Warden The Best Hero?

Easily the best hero for offering utility to the rest of your army, the Grand Warden is not so much an aggressive hero as he is a supporting one.

Where Do I Put The Archer Queen?

The Archer Queen is essentially a more powerful version of the Archer. In addition to possessing much greater damage and hitpoints, the Archer Queen shoots 1.5 tiles farther than a standard Archer (5 tiles instead of 3.5 tiles). She is the second Hero, being unlocked at Town Hall 9.

How Much Damage Does Archer Queen Do?

Here are the Archer Queen’s stats at Level 11: Hitpoints: 1,000. Hit Speed: 1.2 seconds. Ranged Damage: 225.

What Do Pets Do Clash of Clans?

Pets can be assigned to different Heroes to support them in battle. Each Pet can only be given to one Hero and is only deployed alongside the respective Hero. Pets are immortal, only summoned once, and do not require regeneration after being defeated.
Micah Martins 4 July Strategy Guides/Micah’s Newbie Guide

Is The Gold Pass Permanent Clash of Clans?

You can purchase the Gold Pass at any point of the season, but the effect of the Gold Pass still ends with the end of the ongoing season. Gold Pass rewards become available if you’ve collected enough points to unlock them.  Gold Pass | Supercell Support Portal.

What Happens To A Clan If Everyone Leaves?

Sometimes leaving your clan is the hardest decision. If no Clan members remain when you leave your Clan, the Clan will be deleted. Otherwise, the new Clan Owner will be the official with the oldest account creation date. If there are no officials, the same rule will apply to members.

How Do Wall Rings Work?

Rings are a type of Magic Item that allows you to instantly upgrade Walls in the Home Village or Builder Base. Wall Rings can replace Gold or Elixir used to upgrade the Walls. The upgrade is completed immediately, just as the wall upgrades with regular resources.

Do You Get Season Bank Without Gold Pass?

You get the resources in the Season Bank for yourself at the end of the season. With Gold Pass, you can upgrade its capacity to a maximum of 25 Million Gold and Elixir and 250k Dark Elixir. Without Gold Pass, Season Bank is limited to 5 Million Gold, 5 Million Elixir, and 50k Dark Elixir.  Season Bank | Supercell Support Portal.

Are There Any Easter Eggs In Clash of Clans?

There are a few easter eggs in Clash of Clans. Most are found in the Single Player Campaign, ranging from unique obstacles to secret traps.

How Much Gold Is A Wall Ring Worth?

You can obtain Wall Rings at the Shop for 100 Gems each or at the League Shop for 5 League Medals each. You can sell the Rings for 5 Gems each.

Should I Spend Gold Or Elixir On Walls?

It would be best to use gold to upgrade walls, but when you reach wall level 9, you can upgrade using gold or elixir. It’s your choice.

Is It Worth Upgrading Bombs In Clash of Clans?

Essentially, bombs are going to be weaker versions of the giant bomb. Therefore, they definitely shouldn’t take precedence over upgrading the giant bombs. Still, bombs are essential, as they damage groups of hogs, giants, and valkyries. Upgrading them can boost your overall defense grade.

Do Bats Attract Air Bombs?

Air Bombs can help sweep up Bats that are following closely behind other air troops, but as the Bats cannot trigger the Air Bomb themselves, it may not be a reliable option.

What Year Did Town Hall 11 Come Out?

The Clash of Clans updates introducing Town Hall 11 was released on December 10, 2015. March 21, 2016, update made it so that Town Hall 10 and 11 players are less likely to find each other in Multiplayer. June 11, 2018, added the level 12 Town Hall.

How Do You Get Jungle King In Clash of Clans?

The Jungle King was unlocked by completing July’s gold pass in 2021. You can purchase the gold pass for $4.99, which lasts until the end of that month. For those who did not complete the July gold pass challenge, the Jungle King can be purchased with gems under the “cosmetic” tab in the “change skin” menu for the king’s character.

How Do You Unlock Jungle Queen In Clash of Clans?

The Jungle Queen Hero Skin was available with the June 2021 gold pass. Hero skins are usually made available for gem purchase within a year after their initial release to the game if they were not won during a monthly challenge or purchased as part of an early release.

What Does Otto Hut Stand For?

Otto Hut stands for Organizational Tidying Trimmer Organizer, Orbital Tedium Tending Orderly, and Outstanding Tolerable Tributary Oscillator.