9 Year Anniversary Special (2012 – 2021)

Here is an amazing video done by Galadon Gaming on a full history of Clash of Clans from 2012 through 2021.

2012 to 2021 – Clash of Clans HISTORY!

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Welcome and thank you for stopping by and happy new year, fellow fans of clash of clans. Here we are 2021, the ninth year of this mobile game clash of clans. I thought it was a great opportunity to take a look back and see just how much has changed over the past nearly nine years of this game and talk a little bit about the nostalgia and the technology and just the sheer excitement.

But what is it that propels a game to nine years of success, a game that is still generating millions upon millions of logins every single day definitely way too much to cover in one video. But I thought today we would take a quick look back at the early days of clash of clans and wow. It has become such a different game since the very first days of August 2012 clash of clans emerges, and it didn’t really even get discovered as this worldwide phenomenon until well into 2013, and what we were just looking at is the gameplay from the tutorial, which essentially hasn’t really changed that much in over eight years, the very first ads the cinematics four clash of clans.

You can see town hall eight was the max town hall. At the time, town hall 9 was released in october of 2012 and back then, clans didn’t even clash not until april of 2013 did clan wars emerge, and that was really when clash of clans first became clans clashing now, of course, there were major issues back in The early days problems that just about broke clash of clans like wall breakers, that didn’t break the right walls.

It took three hours: yes, three hours to regenerate a maxed out king or queen at level 40, and then you saw new troops come to the game. Dark elixir became a thing for the very first time in january of 2013. Dark elixir troops came along in march of 2013, starting out with the minion, which you know was okay and was kind of fun and different. Also, the valkyrie was very strong, but speaking of things that almost broke clash of clans, the hog rider when the hog riders first popped onto the scene in March of 2013, they were so insanely strong that they absolutely destroyed villages left and right and you’ll notice.

That’s right back, then they did not necessarily target defenses. First, they targeted whatever was right in front of them and uh. Yes, ride to victory hog riders. Most certainly did then, of course, town hall, 10 came along in may of 2013 and the inferno tower for the very first time super exciting. Although back then there was no multi-target inferno, only single target infernos, but they were much needed because you had to try to stop those giants.

Those golems somehow, but at this point in the game, the level 4 dragon had been annihilating bases and they needed a way to balance the game out. Inferno towers really initially were designed to balance the strength, the overpowered nature of the dragons back then, and then, of course, like I mentioned clan wars in april of 2014, so you’re talking about a year and a half after this game has come into existence that they. Finally, introduced an actual clash of clans right before it was just clash of players. Obviously, the social aspect of clash is one of the driving forces to its success.

The ability to work with your friends, your schoolmates, your workmates, whoever it might be family members and join the same clan, communicate donate troops to each other and learn from each other’s attacks. Although back in the early days of clash of clans, you couldn’t even share replays. So yeah a lot has come along since those very first days taking a quick look at town hall progression. I thought this was kind of interesting, so clash drops august 2012 with town hall, 8. Townhall 9 comes in October of 2012.

Town hall, 10 May of 2013 town hall, 11 December of 2015 town hall, 12 June of 2018, and finally town hall 13 in December of 2019.. If you follow that pattern, it looks like June of 2021 could be the emergence of town hall 14. Also just a quick retrospective on the builder hall that second village came to be in may of 2017.

As builder hall 5, then we saw builder hall 6 in june builder hall, 7 in september builder, hall, 8 in march of 2018 and builder hall 9 in june of 2019. Will we ever see a builder hall 10 that definitely remains to be seen now flashing back to the early days of clash had me thinking what about the early days of clash YouTube the very first clash of clans content creators, like my good buddy, simon tay, my Name is amity, and today I will do a clash of clan part, 12 giants and dragon, and today I just got my new dragon. Yes, one of the very first YouTube content creators for clash of clans simontay, you had godson and of course you had chief pat.

What’s up YouTube, It’s patrick from play clash of clans today I’ll be bringing you guys, level, 18 fool’s gold. So, on this level, you’re actually gonna have to make a pretty big army. It is a pretty tricky level. that’s right, chief pat started out by making how-to videos tutorials on how to beat the goblin maps in clash of clans and, of course, somewhere around the beginning of 2013.

This dude galadon started making videos and now as if I planned it that way, the queen moves down back into that rage and she’s going to take out those front structures, the tesla, the expo and the clan castle. And yes, obviously, things have changed. We have much improved since those early days of YouTube. Of course, chief pat has moved on to cover clash, royale brawl stars and is now the ceo of tribe gaming, and here I am still covering clash of clans and still loving every minute of every attack.

So as supercell and clash of clans brought us this retrospective, looking back at the developments of 2020, and if you haven’t seen it make sure you check it out on clash of clans own YouTube channel, it is amazing and very very well put together. It’s crazy to think back then, in 2012, how many players could have ever possibly envisioned additions to the game like super troops, supercharged with dark elixir and trained in a sauna on the side of your village, hero skins that came alongside your gold pass that you could purchase every month, crazy, new troops and spells, and even the idea of siege machines at all log launcher really and then, of course, the king of clash, 8th-anniversary events, where galadon and lady b defeated the game makers in trivia felt great to be the winners right.

There – and I bet it also felt great to be the winners of their share of one million dollars as alternate attacks and valet, the mvp absolutely destroyed all of their opposition and won the second ever clash of clans world championship. Who would have guessed in 2012? This game would have a 1 million dollar world championship, watched by millions crazy to think, and now here we are in 2021, looking at today’s village, with all of the scenery and the hero skins and the legend league trophies, a crazy number of troops, heroes spells and Siege machines compared to the early days of clash of clans and as I get ready to do a live legend league attack.

Let me remind you of another amazing addition to the game. You knew it was coming. that’s right! The creator code a great way to support your favorite creator added by clash of clans. You can go into settings more settings scroll to the bottom type in your favorite clash of clans content creator or any creator for any supercell game. My name works in any game and just make sure you use somebody’s name, don’t leave it blank. It is free money that supercell gives to support their creators.

Now, let’s get into a legend league attack using queen charge, hybrid and gala yolo. Of course we’re going to. Hopefully not fail miserably because uh I didn’t study the space at all. I don’t even know where the clan castle – okay, the clan castle – is over there and the archer queen. So this is how I start every single attack with complete panic. No wait! I didn’t drop the I didn’t drop the rage spell in time.

Okay, the archer queen’s, not dead. She used her ability, but that’s that’s bad, but we’re okay, we’re still alive. We got the healers up. We got the archer queen going and we’re gonna try to funnel right hand, side, siege, barracks, king on the right and just go in right at the bottom here and just hope upon hope that everybody ends up going out after the town hall.

Eventually getting the eagle out early and then we got to watch the single target inferno on the archer queen. So, as everybody comes in here, we got us. Okay, that we we were out of. We were out of free spells, It’s okay, the archer queen is dead, but she did complete her funnel on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, everybody rolls in then we’ve got one more heal spell: we’ve got the poison spell that we’ve got to use in. They go and it looks like we got the town hall now.

I will tell you this right now, as we roll in the last wait a minute. Okay, couple of wall breakers, okay, we’ve got the uh hold on yeah. We got the abilities we got to get ready for the town hall and the warden ability, as the town hall’s about to go down, we’ll use the warden ability and I think, we’re good okay. Now what I was trying to say before all that and now there’s nothing else left for me to do here – is that the way that clash of clans stands as of right now offense is extremely powerful, but it always has been, and I will take a look at some other retrospectives this year about the old days of the addition of witches or hog riders or any other new troop, every time you saw a new troop.

There was always this tendency for things to be too strong and you’ll notice that, throughout the now going on nine years of clash of clans, offense has always dominated defense. This is a winning bias that has helped this game succeed for this many years notice. Okay, as I say this now, it looks like we’re going to three star this base with plenty of time left, and this is what I’m talking about.

If galadon can three the strats op, not the strat offense in general is op, but this is good. If you have more wins than losses, you’re more likely to enjoy the game because just think about your emotional investment, as you sit through every attack, you watch every attack, but you don’t watch every defense. The defense is, It’s not quite as painful to lose as it is fun to win, and here you go a perfect three star for galadon and we continue our way up the legend league ladder.

It is harder to lose, but then again, three stars are also supposed to be a bit elusive, especially when going after a max base which that one was not. And yes, I will show you my log uh, I’m doing kind of well today. Now I will also tell you this one of the most exciting things about. This is the fact that I am using my southern teaser troll trap base in legend league and It’s working so make sure you guys subscribe to the channel turn on notifications, leave a like on the video and get ready, because I will expose this base and show You these replays in legend league, thank you galafam for sticking around all the way to the end of the episode.

You are the true gala fam and I love thinking about it, and I appreciate every single one of you every single day so get out there make the best of the rest of your day. If you go outside, wear a mask socially distance that I will see you all back here again tomorrow for daily class content and more full attacks for getting something you can’t do clash of clans history without speaking about peter 17 dollars come on.


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